4 Leaf Clover Tattoos Symbolize Good Luck

A 3-leaf white clover, or a Shamrock, is regarded as the emblem of Ireland, and it is highly revered by Irish nation. Wearing a tri-piece-leaf shamrock tattoo signifies the Holy Trinity—the Father, Son and Host Spirit as imparted by St. Patrick. In Irish mythology, the shamrock is also linked to a leprechauns—a type of fairy clad with green coat and in the form of an old man. In fact, the name of Shamrock was originated from Irish word “saemrog.”

Sometimes, but rarely, clover leaves appear in 4 pieces with one leaf smaller than the other three. One must be very lucky to be able to spot one. 5- and 7-leaf clovers are also available but they are extremely difficult to find.

The 4 leaf clover tattoos are universal signs of good-luck particularly to the Celts and Irish descent. Each leaf in a 4-piece clover carries different meaning. The four leaves denote hope, love, faith and good-luck.

According to the age old tradition, a 4-leaf clover was carried to the human land by Eve who was expelled from the Garden of Eden. In Celtic culture, the leaf was a charm which was used to fight evil spirits.

Plenty of design variations can be created from a simple leaf. From a plain clover design in dual tones with yellow and green, to an amazing work of art added with Celtic knots on the leaves, a clover tattoo is definitely a rare beauty with meaningful representation. If you’re looking for something truly distinctive and creative, consider blending a clover with other design agents such as a ladybug or a bee. Here are two unique designs for your consideration.

Some of the popular locations to place Shamrock or 4 leaf clover symbols are the stomach, lower back, ankle, shoulder, back of ear, collar, hand and leg.

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