The Meanings of Anchor Tattoo Designs

Quite similar to the mermaid and nautical star, the anchor tattoo is another popular old school design that was first worn by many seafarers. It was once a mark of distinction for the skillful sailors who have successfully made their way through a deep blue sea such as the Atlantic Ocean.

For those who are spending their entire lives at sea sailing from one destination to another, making a living from the natural resource, and involving in the patriotic service such as the navy, fishermen, sailors and marines are some of the people who often opt for the anchor tattoo designs.

Anchors Away!

Sailor Jerry was a famous tattoo artist in the 60s, and the design of anchor was one of his favorite old school works. He was an ex-Navy who has travelled to the east and learnt much tattooing skills from the local masters before he settled down in the island of Hawaii. Today, many people are attracted by the remarkable old school style of designs featuring the solid colors and bold outlines in blue or black, but also do not forget the symbolism that the tattoo represents. The retro arts are often produced with no or very little shading.

The anchor is no longer the prerogative of the seafarers. Anyone who gets inspired by the design can ink one on his or her body.

In the past centuries, there have been quite a few representations being associated with the design by different people around the world. The purpose of using an anchor is to lock a ship in position for not being swept away by any strong current. Therefore, it has an important task of safeguarding and stabilizing the ship. It serves the same symbolic meaning when someone acquires the design. It is a hope for a safe and steady life. It also helps to remind those who are currently enjoying a good life, but not to forget the hardships that they faced in the past. Some may want the symbol to commemorate a stable relationship with their companions. You can ink the name of the loved one next to the tattoo to accentuate a strong bond of the relationship.

A small anchor by itself is appealing enough although it can be combined with other stuffs such as nautical stars, flowers and hearts to create a more complicated meaning and bigger artwork. The design is so remarkable that it can never go wrong for any image that you choose.

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