Unlimited Ideas of Animal Tattoos

There are plenty of animal tattoos to choose. You can consider the type of animal you fancy and the possible designs and styles.  Picking a meaningful symbol can constantly remind you of an important message or event. Nevertheless, you may opt for the one you’re keeping as pet.  Some of the most preferred animal categories are given below.

1. Hummingbird
As a pollinator, the hummingbird is perfect to be combined with some flowers, and it is meant for those who appreciate their lives. The design carries a few meanings including joys, loves, freedom, hopes and peace.

2. Eagle
In some cultures, eagle symbolizes protection and supreme power. As it is a powerful bird, the emblem can motivate the bearers to be tough and strong in handling obstacles while chasing their dreams.  Eagle symbol is incorporated in the Coats of Arm of a few counties. In United States, the bald eagle is labeled as the national bird—a good inking choice for the patriotic service.

3. Peacock
The famous saying of “proud like a peacock” simply refers to someone who has a strong self-esteem. The bird tattoo signifies immortality, refinement and glory.

4. Lizard
While gecko is one of the most popular lizards, iguana and alligator are often inked as tattoos particularly in cartoon or tribal styles. Lizard has different significance over various cultures.

  • In early Christianity, the reptile is labeled as a devil.
  • In Greeks and Egyptians traditions, it depicts divine wisdom and good luck.
  • To the Native American, gecko is a symbol of dream.
  • For the Polynesians, it is a goddess symbol.
  • To the Roman, lizard signifies the death and rebirth.

5. Butterfly
Butterfly artworks are often very artistic and beautiful. The design can be created in multi-colors, or it can be just a black tattoo in tribal style. The flying creature has a very brief life span, and it has to go through a major life transformation from a caterpillar to a mature butterfly. The cycle signifies reborn, joys and peacefulness.

6. Ladybug
The Lady Beetle is well-known for its attractive color spots over a dome body. The spots can appear in pink, red, orange, and yellow. It is a popular good luck and best wishes symbol.

7. Tiger
The ferocious animal represents power, energy, destruction and desire in many Asian cultures. The tiger carries an image of aggressiveness and strength.

8. Cat
The cat has created a notorious as well as a revered reputation over the years. Base on mythology, cat has nine lives, and it is associated with death and reborn (for a new start). You can consider different type of cats to meet your esthetics expectation.

9. Dolphin

Dolphin is a smart, friendly and playful mammal. Due to its positive figure, it represents happiness, freedom and prosperity. It is often chosen by people who want to start a new life.

10. Koi Fish

The carp fish has great strength and determination. It has to swim a long distance to the upstream of a river to lay eggs. The emblem provides courage to the bearer and brings good fortune.

11. Dragon
The long creature is the most common symbol representing power, wisdom, protection and courage especially to the Chinese or Asian. You can build a very large and lively dragon filling up your whole back, or choose a smaller design to reside on top of your shoulder to protect you.

There are so many ways to create your animal tattoos. Consider an animal to be in a sitting, attacking, soaring or ready-to-take-off positions.  You can check out various stunning images in a professional gallery.

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