Accentuate your Femininity with Ankle tattoo Designs

There are plenty of tattoo choices for girls. The ankle is a good spot to ink as it attracts a lot of attention from the onlookers to stare at your feet especially if you like to show off your long and sexy legs.

When you choose not to expose your ankle tattoos, you can cover up the designs by changing your outfits. Wearing pants, socks, opaque hosieries and some types of shoes can easily hide away your tattoos. But in the hot summer, you can wear short pants with a pair of sandals to show off your cute and feminine ankle tattoo designs as well as your beautiful body curvature.

Ankle motifs can be made very attractive and creative although they are usually very small. Many designs can be used to fit your foot area, but the most common artworks are fairies, flowers, tribal, stars and butterflies. You can also consider wearing an anklet style bracelet tattoo to wrap around your leg.

Because of the small motifs, they only require a short time to ink.  However, the inking is relatively more painful compare to other parts of the body as the ankle has less padding over the bond and has more nerve fibres. You may experience more bleeding, irritation and swelling.

Similar to other inking, you should be aware of the aftercare of new tattoo. Apply ointment such as Bacitracin for prevention of infection, avoid rubbing the tattoo with your tight pants, or expose the design to direct sunlight. You should also avoid walking on your new motif. Visit a pro gallery to see creative work of arts.

new tattoo on the inside of the left ankle

Tattoo: Left ankle

Cherry blossoms tattoo


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