Aquarius Tattoo Ideas

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac, and it is best known as a water-bearer. The constellation sign is dictated by Saturn and Uranus. Those who are born between 21st January and 19th February can consider getting this zodiacal symbol.

Aquarius tattoo can appear in many different forms, and the design can be very innovative, expressive, and bizarre. Nevertheless, the symbol can be as simple as just a pouring water jug, or a droplet, or two zigzagging ‘W’ patterns (called the Aquarius glyph symbol) representing the waves. It can also be a more complex design including an urn and a carrier. The bearer can be a man, or woman, or someone who has a great impact on your life.

The popular design for male is often a muscular young man carrying a jug on his shoulder and spilling water. But, the female will usually opt for a girl in pin-up style bathing in a pool and scooping water onto her long hairs.

Since the zodiacal sign is always associated with the wave, jug and a person, you can make use of your imagination to create something unconventional. Here are some possible design ideas:

  1. a mythical mermaid floating above or below the waves.
  2. a pin-up woman taking bath with water flowing down from a jug.
  3. a girl pouring water from a big urn to a small bucket.
  4. stylish calligraphy written in different languages—in Chinese, Japanese or Hebrew characters.
  5. a fairy standing in a pond on a starry night collecting stars from the water surface.
  6. a simple tribal style Aquarius –just a jug with water spilling out.
  7. a portrait of your loved one holding an urn and spilling water from his/her shoulder.
  8. an Aquarius sylph symbol intertwining with flowers such as the water lily and orchid.

The most common colors for this sun sign tattoo are turquoise and blue. If you prefer a tribal style design, black color will be most suitable, and it can fit in to almost any part of the body.

As there are many Aquarius design variations, and it often involves one’s talents and imagination to create a truly amazing artwork, you may want to consider finding your tattoo in a professional gallery. You will enjoy seeing myriads of designs and give thumb up to many of the remarkable works of arts.

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