Aries Tattoos Symbolize Your Leadership Quality

Aries is the 1st astrological sign of Zodiac, and it is associated with the Ram. Those who are born from 21st March to 19th April can pick various ram images as their tattoos. It is a fire sign and ruled by Mars. The people who belong to this constellation are known to have distinctive personalities such as good wisdom, courage to battle fear, strength and leadership qualities.

The origin of the ram representation is unknown. However, according to the Hellenistic culture, a golden ram had rescued Athamus’s children to Colchis from their stepmother.

The most common glyph of Aries is a simple “Y” pattern with two upper wings curling outward. A creative artist can churn out many amazing Aries tattoos by combining the “Y” glyph with stars, or designing the “Y” symbol as butterfly wings, fairy wings, sword handle etc. Likewise you can also consider a ram in black tribal style or a simple “Y” shape in a fashionable design such as superimposing it using a striking red color onto a black Celtic or tribal artwork of your choice. Calligraphy writing in Japanese, Chinese or Hebrew is also a good way to mark your belongingness to the astrological group. However, the most popular work of art is still an creative ram design.

An Aries symbol is often small, but it can be designed slightly larger when intertwining with other elements. Some of the popular locations to place the tattoo are on the arm, shoulder, leg, chest, upper back, etc. For those who want themselves to stand out from the crowd, consider putting one on the back of ear, ankle, hip, and lower front above the bikini line.

As the design variations of Aries is almost unlimited. Try to review as many artworks as you can. You will surely find one that can amaze you if you invest enough hard work on finding your design.

Here is a professional gallery that can ease your time and effort in doing your research.

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