Arrow Tattoo Meaning: Stay Focus and Keep Aiming

Arrow is an oldest form of semiotical symbol that points a direction. But, it can also be a brutal hunting tool that can quickly kill a prey. To people wearing arrow tattoos, their designs can mean a couple of things for them. Such a tattoo is often equipped with a long shaft having an arrowhead at the top section and a feather fletching and nock at its tail.

Most people believe that the direction symbol can lead them into the right course, being their spiritual or physical guiding symbols. There is an inspiring quote with unknown author that says,

When a person is confronting with some major challenges and obstacles in life, he or she may often think of getting an arrow tattoo hoping that it can help to motivate and guide him or her through the hardship. The design reminds and encourages its owner to face any blockage bravely and move on to defeat it.

While these are some of the most common meanings, the tattoo also carries other very powerful connotations in different disciplines and traditions. It can be sported to underscore an important goal to be achieved in one’s life. It is also a symbol of movement, power and force. In the Tibetan culture, the three segments of an arrow are regarded as intellect, body and spirit.

Having a few of these semiotical symbols can mean a lot for other things. A pair of them pointing at different directions represents conflict and war. To the Native American, in general a single arrow means protection against evil spirit. Nevertheless, the meaning varies from one tribe to another significantly. Two crossed arrows signify the close tie in a relationship, and a few in a bundle symbolize the strength and robustness. An arrow that has broken in to pieces or pointing downward represents peace. The design can also be found in the Zodiacal wheel being the birth sign of Sagittarius and is represented by the Archer.

Of course, yon can also combine the symbol with other elements to form a more intricate meaning and design. This tattoo is often seen on someone’s forearm, behind the neck, and calf. Sometimes, it can also be found on fingers, thigh, shoulder, ankle, instep and back of the hand. Also, most people love the tattoo in black color.

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