The Attraction of Daisy Tattoos

Every flower carries a few unique meanings. Being one of the prettiest flowers in the floral world, daisy dignifies peace, purity, loyalty in love, and brings good luck to the female. It also depicts the innocence of Child Jesus and marks a new beginning for its bearer. Therefore, many people choose to carry this beautiful emblem for life.

The flower is also called the Day’s Eye as its petals open at dawn and close when sunset.

With the aesthetic beauty as well as all the good connotations behind this remarkable flower, daisy tattoos are very popular around the world, not only favored by the females but by the males as well. As there are thousands of daisy species, the tattoos can be inked in almost any sizes and colors, from orange to lavender to the purest white.  However, the tattoo looks equally stunning even in monotone.

Daisy emblems can be designed in a variety of ways making the work of arts extremely beautiful and one-of–a-kind. You can ink a single flower, or a pair of them. You can also blend the flowers with butterflies, hummingbird, or in a floral chain. Some good body locations to spot the amazing flower are the arms, shoulders, legs, lower back and ankles.  In fact, the tattoo looks superb to be inked almost anywhere on your skin. Just stretch the design to fit the specific body area. See more amazing artworks in a pro gallery.

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