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Realizing Your Tattoo Dream This Year!

If you have been spending a bit of your time considering getting a tattoo but have not really taken any action, perhaps you may want to turn your dream into a reality this year. Set a target for yourself to attain and get inspired by your dream design for many years to come!

To start the ball rolling, here are a couple of questions you may want to ask yourself first. Take as long as it takes to find the answers.

1)    Where do you want to locate the tattoo? Do you want the ink to be exposed at all time, or do you want it to be hidden when you choose not to show it? Or, do you just want to show it to the person you love? So, you probably need to decide where to place your perfect design first.

2)    Next, how big an artwork do you want? You can consider a small to medium size design. You can also scale it up to match the area you pick to ink. The tattoo can be very creative and stretched to suit the particular body spot following the contour of the body.

3)    What type of design do you have in mind? Do you want a color or monochrome– simple or intricate design? Also, do you want to use the tattoo to represent something, or is it just for beauty reason?

Although it is quite obvious not to get something that you will feel regret afterward, many people still fall in to the same trap of having their tattoos to be removed later. I always advice my visitors to see plenty of high-quality tattoo in different design categories and research the meanings behind the symbols.

Try to avoid any controversial images and things that you are not sure such as inking the name of the boyfriend or girlfriend as the relationship may not last forever. Some image can be embedded with the attributes of a gang to mark its affiliation. A Chinese character tattoo with a reversed (mirror image) stroke can be embarrassing when exposing it to your Chinese friends. These can make your life miserable.

Pick something meaningful and pretty that you fancy the most. Bring the astonishing artwork to the studio and discuss the design with the artist. He or she will be able to provide ideas for how to clone or tailor it on to your body.

Old School Sailor Jerry Tattoos

If you are a tattoo lover, you probably have heard the name Sailor Jerry more than a hundred times. But, if you are new to the world of inking, his real name is Norman Keith Collins who lived in America from 1911 to 1973. He is a very talented and well-known artist back in the 50s and 60s offering his own unique traditional style of designs.

His classic works of arts are commonly referred to as the old school tattoos featuring solid green, red, blue, brown, purple and yellow designs with a bold outline that is created in black or blue. The inks are often done without, or with very little shading.

During his young age, Sailor Jerry lived a life drifting from town to town across the America. He was once working for an Alaskan man where he learnt hand-pricking tattooing method. At the age of 19, Collins joined the Navy of the United States where he has many chances to travel and expose to various arts and cultures of the Far East.

With the inking skills that he learnt from the locals, he later settled down and opened a tattoo shop in Hawaii Island at Honolulu. Although the old school designs have been around since the 20s at the Pacific Islands, it was Jerry who has made the traditional style coming to life and being admired by many people all over the world. It is never too much to label him as the father of the inking industry as he was the first person who emphasized the importance of sanitation and utilized new needles for every customer.

His popular works are often associated with the oceans though not all. The famous old school inks are the mermaids, ships, hearts, anchors, stars, cherries, daggers, pin-up, and various types of birds. Since the sailors especially the Navy loves to wear inks, patriotic and navy symbols were also some of the most wanted designs at that time. To underscore the love and significance of somebody, you can include a person’s name inside a banner to be combined with the tattoo.

50 Cursive Fonts and Letters for Tattoos

The word cursive stands for “running” in both the French and Medieval Latin languages. It refers to an uninterrupted flowing of handwriting in an inclined style where the successive letters of a word are connected together in one continuous stroke without lifting the hand during writing.

The benefit of using a joint writing to link alphabets or language symbols together is to allow writing to be done much smoother and faster especially in Arabic, Cyrillic and Latin languages. In Chinese language, however, the cursive skill refers to the art of writing a single Chinese character that is joined together with multiple, complex strokes.

There are many types of cursive fonts developed around the world. As no two people’s writing is exactly identical, each font resembles a penmanship of a different person. As early as in the 11th century in England, a penmanship known as the secretary hand was broadly used in any official document. Later, it was also introduced in public schools as an essential learning.

Today, with the availability of computer technology and software, cursive writing with various choices of fonts is easily accessible and widely seen in the designs of banners, greeting cards, web pages, certificates, diplomas, invitations, important documents and tattoos. This impressive skill appears almost in everywhere.

Many people like to make use of tattoo to declare a special statement for themselves, and inking letters or words on the body is certainly a very good way to convey a straightforward message. Creating a tattoo in cursive style with the name of the loved one, or a quote with special meaning can be very personal and unique. However, do think carefully when you intend to put somebody’s name on the body.

Below are 50 cursive tattoo fonts for your reference. There are a lot more remarkable styles out there, but some of them can only be found in particular web sites. When written in capital letters, several types of the fonts seem to be more difficult to read and occupy more space on paper as compare to the others.

The Meanings of Anchor Tattoo Designs

Quite similar to the mermaid and nautical star, the anchor tattoo is another popular old school design that was first worn by many seafarers. It was once a mark of distinction for the skillful sailors who have successfully made their way through a deep blue sea such as the Atlantic Ocean.

For those who are spending their entire lives at sea sailing from one destination to another, making a living from the natural resource, and involving in the patriotic service such as the navy, fishermen, sailors and marines are some of the people who often opt for the anchor tattoo designs.

Anchors Away!

Sailor Jerry was a famous tattoo artist in the 60s, and the design of anchor was one of his favorite old school works. He was an ex-Navy who has travelled to the east and learnt much tattooing skills from the local masters before he settled down in the island of Hawaii. Today, many people are attracted by the remarkable old school style of designs featuring the solid colors and bold outlines in blue or black, but also do not forget the symbolism that the tattoo represents. The retro arts are often produced with no or very little shading.

The anchor is no longer the prerogative of the seafarers. Anyone who gets inspired by the design can ink one on his or her body.

In the past centuries, there have been quite a few representations being associated with the design by different people around the world. The purpose of using an anchor is to lock a ship in position for not being swept away by any strong current. Therefore, it has an important task of safeguarding and stabilizing the ship. It serves the same symbolic meaning when someone acquires the design. It is a hope for a safe and steady life. It also helps to remind those who are currently enjoying a good life, but not to forget the hardships that they faced in the past. Some may want the symbol to commemorate a stable relationship with their companions. You can ink the name of the loved one next to the tattoo to accentuate a strong bond of the relationship.

A small anchor by itself is appealing enough although it can be combined with other stuffs such as nautical stars, flowers and hearts to create a more complicated meaning and bigger artwork. The design is so remarkable that it can never go wrong for any image that you choose.

Couple Matching Tattoos to Commemorate Love

Have you ever thought of wearing a set of twin or matching tattoos for couples with your sweetheart? When two people fall in love, have the feeling to hook up with each other and want to share all future experience together, it is something that is worth commemorating.

A friend showed me her tattoo the other day saying that she would never think of getting herself inked, but the idea of getting a pairing design to permanently commemorate the relationship with her future husband came suddenly, and just can’t resist. They deem it as a permanent love-inspired symbol that says “I love you forever!”

Becky & Adam's Wedding

Many new marriages are now blessed by a pair of identical inks on the body of the two partners being some sort of love representation and body adornment for the wedding.  Also, inking is often carried out by couples who want to celebrate their anniversaries with something unique. The practice has become a modern way to declare love for two lovers.

There are many tattoo ideas that are suitable for couples. The designs can literally be anything.  They can be a pair of identical symbols, or a tattoo that is split into two portions with half of it appears on each person’s body. It can also be a Yin and Yang design, or anything of natural duality like the sun and moon, left and right praying hands, male and female symbols, or anything that is significant to the couple.

Below are some examples that couples often consider.

1. Having a pair of identical hearts, or matching hearts to signify that life isn’t that perfect without having the loved one to be around.

2. Having two gold rings on the ring fingers of two partners to mark an everlasting marriage or relationship.

3. Having a matching tattoo constructed with the names of two peoples that splits in a creative way.

4. Having an image of the partner inked on each other’s body. But, you have to be very sure that this is what you really want to do. Tattoo is permanent but the love and passion can change and diminish overtime.

In fact, the list of design ideas can go on and on. The twin and matching tattoos can be made on the arms, legs, back of ear and lower back. Just be very sure that the romance will last for many years to come if you really want to bring your loved one to a studio for some work done together.

Ste Mere Eglise, Liberty Jump Team couple