Beautiful Stripes of Tiger Tattoo Designs

Tiger tattoo designs are unique for their stripes and the ferocious appearance. Similar to the dragon, tiger emblem is highly valued in many Asian cultures and mythologies for being a representation of power and strength. The tattoos are also used to portray the energy, or desire within an individual. This aggressive and extra-dimensional energy within a person is so powerful, and it is not something that anyone should mess around with.

Sometimes the feline artwork also carries a brutal image that symbolizes punishment, anger, violence and destruction. The work of art can be with a tiger in a roaring, or resting pose, or in an attacking position.

Tiger tattoos can be designed in a variety of themes such as in tribal style. You can also interweave the artworks with other design agents like a dragon, skull, and flower. Yellow is a color that is associated with unlimited energy. You can have your tiger stripes to be created in bright yellow or orange colors to further accentuate the power and strength of the animal. However, a feline emblem in black, grey, or white pigments will not lose its attractiveness and charm.

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