Zodiac Cancer Tattoo Designs Speak Your Personality

The sign of Cancer commences on the 21st of June and maintains at full power until 20th of July. Ruling by the moon, the astrological symbol is represented by the Crab, and it occupies the 4th place of the Zodiac wheel. If you are a follower of astrology, wearing cancer tattoo designs is an excellent way to portray your special innate personality.

Those belong to the planet group are typically timid and vulnerable in behavior, but at times they can be very aggressive and tough.

Cancer individuals possess a good instinct and reliable inborn intuitive power. They are capable to make balanced judgment, but it is important not to subject them with emotional turbulence that may trigger them to behave unreasonably. Having a sensitive character in nature, they look forward for recognition and appreciation from others. Lacking of those positive comments, encouragement and support, they can get upset easily and quit any on-going activity. When the turbulent emotions and touchiness are well under controlled, this unique personality along with their imagination, knowledge and creativity can be a big strength in helping them to achieve anything they pursue in life. While they may look tough from the outside, they are indeed quite caring, loving and understanding from the inside.

The Cancerians like to pick and collect stuffs, and they hardly dispose of any old thing even if they suppose to let go of a past relationship.  This is because they take friendship very seriously. They work hard to gather wealth and stay ahead of the others, and while doing so, they experience many highs and lows of live. They will move slowly towards achieving their goals, and when they finally reach the end of the tunnel after a long journey, they know how to keep it.

Cancer zodiac tattoos are often designed with crab images, or abstract arts, or the glyphs with 6-9 in sideway. The crab symbol by far is the most popular choice and representative design of a Cancer tattoo. Both the original and the abstract forms of the designs can be created with multiple colors. If you prefer a simple design then consider to make your tattoo in black or in navy blue of tribal style which is very demanding nowadays. A lettering tattoo with the word “cancer” is also commonly inked.

You can also spice up the design by intertwining it with a full moon or a crescent, a sun, or its gems such as a diamond, pearl, opal, and crystal. Wearing a Zodiac symbol has a great advantage as the tattoo will never be outdated.

The size of the artwork is generally not big which is perfect for people who opt for a less intricate design. It can be sported anywhere on the body base on your personal preference. Some popular locations to be considered are upper arms, shoulders, back of neck, and legs.

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