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Beautiful Angel Tattoos for Girls

In te old days, tattoos were only seen on the males’ body. The sailors are thought to be the initial group to wear ink besides the indigenous people around the world. With more and more females starting to wear tattoos, there have been many changes made to the designs over the decades to suit the tastes and styles of the women. Among all the designs, angel tattoos for girls are quite popular especially for the younger new generation.

Angel designs are not only beautiful and creative, but they also carry some religious and spiritual meanings. They are the bridge, agent, or representative of God. The word “angel” derived from the Greek word “angelos” which means to convey information, or to pass on messages. Many religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism attribute angel as god’s messenger. They are the essence of joy and love from the heart of the higher power. Their numbers are countless flocking around in the universe, and they are sent to this world to bring us peace.

Some people sport the holy being as a representation of protection, spirituality, love and pure devotion to god. It is a good way for the disciples to show their love, respect, and keep their faith with god at all times. It is also believed that a person will transform into angel after passing on to protect those who they really love. The tattoo is often worn to commemorate someone who is important in their life.

There are many types of designs available with mostly positive meanings. Some people fancy a pair of wings on their back. Others may want to wear guardian angel symbols to bring them peacefulness and comfort. A cherub is another alternative design that represents love, hope and innocence. It is often associated with the Cupid that shoots arrows through the hearts of two lovers—a symbol that is used for love. The tattoo will look good on your upper arm, chest, shoulder, areas between the two shoulder blades.

While many of these holy beings are associated with positive connotations of the higher power, some have a negative image such as the fallen angel who is expelled from heaven due to bad conduct and behavior. They are often intertwined with the demons to make a wicked design.

It is important that you know exactly how you want the tattoo to speak for your personality and your way of life. Pick a design that suits your taste and meaning so you can appreciate it for a very long time.

Angel Tattoos in Tribal Design Style

The demand for angel design is immense in the recent years as a religious symbol and a form of protection for the bearer. Angels are the messengers and guardians of god, and they struggle between life and death as well as good and evil.

Angels are found in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and wearing angel artworks signify the faith and devotion to God. A person who passed on is believed to have transformed to an angel. Thus, the symbol may be worn to remember the loss of a loved one.

The design appears in many forms and shapes, from a small and simple pair of wings and folded hands, to a large and intricate design.  Tribal angel tattoos are among the famous styles. The popular placements for large designs will be the full back, and smaller artworks will fit your upper back, upper arm, shoulder, and back of neck perfectly.

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Creative & Beautiful Angel Wings Tattoo Designs

Do you always want to wear a pair of wings on your back? Angel wings tattoo has been one of the most popular designs for both men and women.

Angel artworks are not only stunning, but they also carry a wide variety of important meanings.

Although some people sport tattoos as a mark of beauty, others may pick a design that has significance to them. A wing emblem on a male’s body signifies great respect for the females. The symbol also represents the man is in deep love with his woman. When the females are sporting angel tattoos, the designs symbolize protection, beauty, morality, and purity of the mind and heart.

You can place the wing on your arm, back of neck, and ankle, but the most popular spot for a pair of wings is at your back stretching from both shoulder blades to your hips. Nevertheless, placing a wing symbol at the upper back, or lower back looks equally attractive.

Traditionally, angels are the assistants of God, and they execute God’s will with pure and unconditional love. They possess enormous strength, great intelligence and holiness.

No one has ever seen a real angel. Therefore, the emblems are usually designed with a lot of creativity in a variety of styles like tribal and gothic. You can also intertwine the wings with other elements such as a heart, skull, and cross making the design truly unique and remarkable.

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