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Armband Tattoo Designs: Gothic, Celtic, Tribal Styles

Armband designs are very appealing and somewhat discrete. They can be a simple continuous pattern wrapping around the arm, or a slightly intricate filmstrip design recording the life experiences of the bearer with different scenes.   You can easily customize a full sleeve armband tattoo, or a half, or a bigger half design.  A larger artwork allows more creativity and colors to be inserted making it a truly amazing work of art.

A stripe canvas can be placed high on the upper arm so that the artwork can be covered up with the sleeves when necessary during work, or school. However, it is not uncommon for people to ink on the forearms.

Celtic styles
If you’re reviewing various stripe designs for your first or next tattoo, a more classical style to consider is certainly the Celtic armband artwork.   The designs are elaborate and striking with different styles and symbols. They usually appear in identical spiral patterns and knot-works within two parallel boundaries.

Celtic band is a private piece of art, and it carries specific significance to the owner. You will be amazed for how popular the Celtic artworks are in the northern Europe like United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc. Celtic armband tattoo is usually inked in black and gray inks with white shading, but a blue piece of work is also very often seen and can definitely stand-out.

Tribal styles
One of the popular types of armband designs is tribal style. Tribal armband tattoos are not only fashionable, but the patterns are very flexible and can be easily connected to make a full band.

The Hawaiian band is unique on its aesthetic beauty as well as on cultural aspect. The motif is very abstract, and it consists of several bands around the arm intertwining with marine animals and arches.  Maori tribal tattoos are also very popular with unique lines and curves in black hue.

Other alternative design is the Gothic band with flames, skulls and barbed wires. Alternately you can also wrap around your arm with a heavy chain, a bracelet, or a strand of astrological symbols. Some people may also hang an antique watch, or a locket with their loved one’s photo at the open end.

You can visit an online professional gallery to see creative artworks.