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Tattoo with Barbed Wire — Show Your Strength & Toughness

If you’re looking for a tough design to wrap around your bicep, wrist, or ankle, consider inking a barbed wire tattoo. Occasionally you may find the design appears on the waist, neck or chest. The symbol creates a sturdy look and represents a strong and rough personality.

While the tattoo was originally sported by people behind bars, it has gone through quite a bit of development over the years. Today, many men and women wear the emblems to adorn their bodies to get a tough and incredible look. Women having such patterns on the wrists or ankles will have the look of wearing bracelets or anklets.

There are many ways to tailor your motif–by varying the thickness of the spikes and the width of the band. The tattoo is often created with blood around and barbs pierced into the skin. It can also be a slightly extended design running along the waist, arm, leg, finger or back. Adding meaningful texts or challenging words into the tattoo is also widely seen.

The barbed wire can also designed to wrap around an element like a name, heart, and flower, or blend with some flames or roses at fix interval. The artwork is often engraved in black, silver, gold or green color, but a combination of two or more colors in an artwork is also common. Work with your artist on the placement as well as the small details to give your tattoo an incredible look.

Before deciding on your design, you should see enough quality artworks so that you are aware of all possible inking options. Check out 1000s of stunning artworks in a professional gallery.