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Bear Tattoo – A Symbol of Power, Strength & Courage

The Bear probably has the richest symbolism among all animals in the history of mankind, and the American black bear tattoo is one of the most popular designs. Depending on the geographic locations, the black bear can be found in a variety of colors in black, blond or brown representing wisdom and power.

If you want to opt for a more aggressive and dangerous species, consider a brown grizzly which has a powerful jaw and a large shoulder hump. It is a figure of great strength, power, danger and courage. Because the beasts are known to take care of their cubs, they use all their energy and courage to fight and protect their vulnerable young when under attacked.

Over the years there have been many symbolic meanings assigned to the bear in different civilizations. The Old Testament associated the cruelty of the King of Persia who has slaughtered many of his own men to the ferocity of the bear. Due to the nature of hibernation of the animal during winter months, the tattoo stands for reform and resurrection.

In Greek mythology, Callisto who was a nymph of Artemis was turned into the Great Bear–a constellation called Ursa Major which can be seen in the northern hemisphere throughout the year. The Russian labels the animal as a national symbol, and it is also a welfare icon for the Celts.

The bear has an important influence over the Native American culture. It gives life to the nature when spring arrives, and it carries both the masculine strength and the feminine quality.  Because the animal is extremely clever, quick, huge and powerful, many tribes signify it as a symbol of strength, hard work, and rebirth. It is also a representation of a powerful warrior.

Some perfect locations to wear the symbol are the upper arm, shoulder, and upper back. The design can be a picture of the crawl, head, or the whole body with the beast walking upright in two legs, or roaring. It is also very common to design the tattoo in tribal style.

Once you have decided to ink a bear tattoo, the next thing is to find your perfect design. Take advantage of the professional online gallery with thousands of pictures to choose.