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Amazing Navel Designs: Belly Button Tattoos

Putting tattoo at stomach is most suitable when you have a flat lower abs. Many women fancy an inking at this area as the design helps to accentuate the femininity and attractiveness of the body.

Similar to lower back artwork, tattoo around the navel is definitely hot and stylish. Since the motif is partially exposed when you wear a mid-drift shift with low-rise jean, it creates curiosity on people who wish to see the complete design.

Some female enjoy the thrilling experience for exposing their amazing navel tattoos with belly rings. This combination of body ornaments will definitely catch a lot of attention from the onlookers. Nevertheless before you decide to ink a belly button tattoo, here are some things you should be aware of.

The positives of navel tattoo:

  1. Relatively to other body parts, inking tattoo at this area is less painful as there are fewer nerve endings around the navel.
  2. With a distinctive artwork placed on your abs, it will draw much attention there.
  3. You have full control over when you want to expose or hide away your navel tattoos.
  4. The motifs can be used to cover up scar from previous surgery, pregnancy or injury.

The negatives of navel tattoo:

  1. Lower ads is a stretchable area. Any artwork placed on this part can easily deform particularly when you are having weight fluctuation and going through surgery, pregnancy and aging process. This is also an area which can easily form keloidal scar.

Some of the popular designs are tribal, flowers, hearts, butterflies, and stars. In this best gallery you can view amazing and creative belly button tattoos. Visit an online pro gallery to view high quality work of arts.