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Biker Tattoo Flash & Ideas

Many people are trying to associate tattoos with the virile men, or the tough groups. And a lot of bikers are tough guys who have been inking body arts for ages. Each year, thousands and thousands of remarkable artworks are developed to suit the needs and taste of the riders around the world.  Some artists centered their designs on the famous Harley Davidson. Others put in a lot of imagination and creativity in to their work of arts–trying to integrate the skulls, crossbones, motors, flames, wheels, wings, or some prison symbols in to their creations. Besides, you can also find plenty of modern biker tattoo flash that consists of eagle and dog symbols.

Harley Davidson is certainly one legendary symbol in the history of American roads. Perhaps, it is also a symbol of freedom. A person would most likely own a Harley if he or she is wearing a Harley Davidson design, either in text or graphical forms. The bar-and-shield logo has been an all-time favorite of many bikers.  While there is no special connotation to the logo, perhaps, it is a way to express the owner’s preference to a particular brand name, liking of a unique motorcycle art, or living up to the ‘live to ride’ concept. You can also pick a graphical design that encompasses a pair of wings, a skull, an eagle, or any other design that suits your personal taste. The Harley machine is definitely not the fastest on the road, or the best of all, but its representation of a bad boy image, masculinity and ruggedness has impressed upon many of its followers—including the outlaw rider gangs and underground associations.

Today, Harley Davidson tattoo is one of the most popular biker designs. Nevertheless, you can also choose an artwork that signifies personal freedom and conveys a specific statement for you. Many riders are heavily inked with tattoos all over the body. The popular spots are the arms, wrists, back, ears, shoulders, and chest.

Whether you are a full time or weekend riders, you should check out some of the biker tattoo ideas in an online professional gallery the next time when you want to ink. You can have thousands of artworks to flick through, and I’m quite sure you can find one that will impress you a lot. Spend time and effort to look through as many designs as possible before you pick that perfect one!

Stunning Biker Tattoos: Designs that Represent your Individuality

Bikers use a couple of ways to express their personalities and styles. They love bikes. So naturally, they spend a lot of effort and time adorning their assets with spectacular painting and bodywork so that their bikes speak a specific statement for them. Besides using their vehicles, the body is also part of the aesthetic elements use to signify the unique individuality.

Sometimes, biker tattoo designs are embedded with specific attributes of a riding gang, or membership to an association. This is one way to show your attachment and faithfulness to a group.

Motorcycle has been a representation of speed, extremity, danger, independence and rebellion since it was introduced. Over the years biker symbols have developed to meet the complexity and desire of the riding community.

Whether you’re a full time, or just a weekend rider, you may already have sported a few emblems. You will certainly continue to add more designs to your body.

Some of the popular designs for riders include a skull with crossbones, bike with trail of flame, Harvey Division’s emblem with lettering, eagle with wings, an engine, etc. The skull artworks can be blended with snakes, red-eyes, flames, the name of a person, or the type of vehicle you fancy making the works of arts more creative.  Eagle with wings symbolizes freedom. In general, biker tattoos show your great passion in riding.

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