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Bird Feather Tattoo Designs of Eagle, Peacock, Phoenix, Seagull, Owl

Feather can mean a great deal to people with different background. It is not just about plumages that dropped off from the body of a bird and picked up by someone to embellish his or her body.

To the Native American, it is a symbol of trust, respect, divine power, wisdom, strength, etc. The chiefs of the tribes wear them to signify the extraterrestrial intelligence and spiritual power. For those granted with plumages are the prominent guys in the tribe especially when they are honored with those from the bald eagle. It is by far the most respectable reward that a person can ever receive. It is for the recognition of a brave act when a person has defeated his rival, or force away a fierce animal such as a bear.

The Native Americans have very high regard on eagle because they think that the bird can fly high and see very far, and it is also the king of all birds. After receiving the feather, it must be put out on the body, or hanged up at home so that everybody can notice it. Therefore, the eagle feather tattoo is often a popular choice for the descendents of the American Indian.

In the Egyptian cultures, the plumage is a representation of Horus, the god of sky, who possessed great wisdom. Also, it is believed that when a person passed on, his or her heart will be weighed and compared against a feather to judge the worthiness of the soul by Maat who is the goddess of justice.

To the Christians, the plumage signifies virtues. By intertwining three of them in a signet ring, each of these plumages symbolizes hope, faith and charity.

In the tradition of the Celts, the robes of the Druids were made out of ornate feathers so they could evoke and connect with the sky god during rituals and ceremonies letting them to enter into ethereal plane.

In general, feather tattoo designs symbolize the love of freedom, hope, truth, journey, lightness, speed and limitlessness. When dreaming of a plumage, it signifies the freedom to move around freely, or innocence whereas a fallen feather can be a symbol of luck, loss, and birth. So before picking any of those designs, it is good to understand the meanings behind the plumage of different birds.

Eagle feather stands for courage, respect and freedom. It is a popular choice in USA especially to the Native Americans.

Peacock feather tattoos represent immortality and resurrection to the Christian. The colorful and good-looking bird represents glory, pride and saintliness.

Owl is a bird of mystery and intelligence while its plumage is an emblem of death. The Native Americans believe that the bird can protect them from any evil spirit.

The feathers of phoenix carry a positive connotation that represents eternal life while the plumages of the seagull are for those who have great passion in the ocean.

Meaning of Swallow Bird Tattoo Designs

Since the birds can soar high in to the sky, and land on anyplace that they like to go, most people associate them with freedom. The birds have appeared in several folklores and cultures of mankind in all over the place for longer than anyone can remember. The meanings of bird are rich and varied. In some society it is a totem of immortality. To other traditions, it signifies resurrection, victory of good over the evil, and success over an obstacle or hardship. In Christianity, it is a divine symbol that represents the saved souls, and to the Indian mythology, it signifies the departed souls.

If you are contemplating of getting a bird tattoo currently, there are a number of great choices you can consider. Some popular picks in terms of good aesthetic beauty and meanings are the swallow, eagle, swan, sparrow, bluebird, hummingbird, and peacock. You can browse our site for design ideas and their unique symbolism.

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A good option of bird tattoo that has a positive connotation, and somewhat an old-fashioned look, is the swallow tattoo design. While bird stands for liberty, it means that it will have no limit for what you can do, and how you want to live your life. With its wings widely spread, there is no better representation than using a swallow to signify freedom. It is also a popular design by those who are just freed from confinement. With its presence in spring, it marks the arrival of the summer season that brings warmth and protection to your family. The design has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years for the girls and the guys as having a pairs of them are really cool and trendy.

Similar to nautical star, the sailors are thought to be one of those early groups to relish swallow tattoo designs. In the past while navigating equipment was unavailable, the presence of swallow in the sky signaled the sailors that the land was near.  It was a symbol of hope for a safe return journey, and they wore the tattoo on the chests to portray their sailing experience at sea and their status in the group. When more experience was gained through the total distance of traveling, or after completing a successful voyage, or crossing a challenging ocean, more swallow tattoos will be added to the body. To the sailors, the tattoo is a symbol of respect and dignity. It usually appears in a very simple design in black.

While swallow keeps the same companion for its whole life, it illustrates its great loyalty that a person can have to his or her loved one, close friend, or family.  Having two birds sported on the chests will underscore the true love of a relationship, or the unity of two soul mates.

A swallow tattoo can be intertwined with other elements such as a heart, flowers, swords, and a banner with name of the loved one. For women, the designs are often portrayed on the shoulders, collar, hips and lower back. For men, the popular spots to ink are the chest, neck and hands. Today, the artworks are more colorful and trendy than those inscribed by the sailors in the past.

Meaning of White and Black Swan Tattoos

The swan carries a wide range of meanings over different cultures for thousands of years. Its first appearance has been traced back to the olden days. In Greek mythology, the chariot of the goddess Apollo was steered by this large peaceful bird, and it was a sacred creature for the oracular god. In Celtic culture, there were also records that documented two swans carried a Sun Chariot.

Since the ancient times, the swan totem has made its appearance on many items such as on coins and jewelries. The long neck waterfowl represented the sun rays, and it was a representation of sun to people living in North Europe for many centuries. The Native American also held high regard for the bird. It signified grace, strong bonds, innocence, elegance, transformation and serenity.

In Christianity, it was believed that Virgin Mary was compared to swan of its perfect beauty. Its grace defeated by the evil spirit, and hiding behind all those white feathers were the ugly side of its personality and truth. Nevertheless, it was the most favored bird of many deities, kings, and knights.

In general, the swan tattoo is a representation of grace, music, poetry, beauty, and love. It also signifies serenity, purity, inner strength, transformation, and perfection. For the females, it represents the moon, and for men, it is an emblem of the sun. It has the perfect balance of masculine and feminine attributes. The bird starts its life as an ugly duckling, and later transforms itself to a beautiful swan that depicts the transition of one’s life.

It is a perfect emblem for those who sacrifice themselves a lot and have deep devotion to their family. This is because the bird keeps the same mate for its entire life and will do anything to protect the young. They possess great strength, especially the arctic swans that migrate and fly more than 4,000 miles every year.

Dreaming of a white swan signifies a positive connotation for a relationship or partnership while it may signifies potential obstacle in business if a black one appeared in the dream.

The black swan is quite rare, but it is significant to the Australian traditions. The graceful creatures are notable by their red and white beak, and black feathers and they are mostly found in Australia. Black swan tattoo can be used as a patriotic design to show the respect and loyalty to the country they live in. The symbol is depicted on both the coat of arms and flags in Western Australia. They are also used in logos, mascots, coins, and being the name of many popular sport teams. The black swan tattoo also signifies a dream to be achieved. It motivates and reminds the bearer to continually strive for that vision.

While the tattoo has myriads of positive connotations, the variety of the available design styles has made it one of the popular designs. Being a symbol of love, some people may choose to ink a pair of the loving birds and intertwine them with a heart symbol.

A pair of loving birds

The tattoo can be of any size and located anywhere on the body. It is mostly created in landscape design with water for a larger artwork.  It can also be portrayed in a variety of styles including tribal design. For men, the tattoo is often placed on the chest and shoulder whereas for women it is usually placed on the shoulder, stomach, upper back, lower back and ankle.

Pick Hummingbird Tattoos Your First or Next Design

The swallow, hummingbird, and the grand eagle are among the most sought bird designs in the world. Hummingbird is the smallest bird that lives in the rainforest of North and South America. To many of us, it is a familiar and positive symbol.

Hummingbird tattoos are usually ranging from small to medium size. The artworks are beautify and stylish, and they are perfect for the girls who want their first inking. However, the tattoo is not only meant for women. Some men are wearing the symbols with the names of their loved one next to the designs.

You can stretch the artwork to suit your body and add multiple colors to it, or you can blend the emblem with other design elements like flowers, vines, and butterflies to form a creative and larger tattoo. Some people may also choose to have a hummingbird landing on a flower of choice, or to have a pair of them sitting on top of the shoulder. As both the birds and flowers are having vivid colors, the tattoos are usually colorful and bright. Nevertheless the symbol can also look very attractive in white or black hues.

To accentuate the natural beauty of the female body, some girls choose to place their hummingbird motifs on the lower back and lower stomach. Others will carry the artworks on their legs, arms, and upper back. The symbol portrays the abundance of loves, joys, hope, freedom and peace. In some cultures the birds are also considered spiritual, and the symbol is perfect for those who cherish their lives.

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Eagle Tattoos: Symbol of Loyalty, Power, Wisdom, Freedom

Eagle tattoo is probably one of the oldest emblems being marked on the human body. The symbol carries different meanings across different cultures. It represents the solar to the Persians and Greeks, and in the ancient Greek, the symbol is also regarded as the ultimate god, Zeus. To the Druids, eagle is a symbol of Supreme Being, power and protection. In Norse’s culture, it represents wisdom. Therefore, anyone who sports eagle tattoos will carry all these sacred and powerful statements.

In the United States, bald eagle is popular because it is the national bird. Eagle emblem is also used by many nations in their Coats of Arm including Germany, Russia, Austria, and United States in The Great Seal. A large number of military, veterans and patriotic service are wearing the bird symbols to show their love, loyalty and honor to the country they’re protecting. Some people even expand the design by adding in the national flag, flower and colors in the tattoo.

Eagle is a large bird of prey which is very powerful and strong. It also has a very good vision. In general, the bird tattoos inspire the bearers to take on anything they want in life with great strength and freedom.

There are a couple of ways to design your eagle artwork. You can have the birds to be designed in a sitting, attacking, soaring, or ready-to-take-off postures. All these designs look superb to be sported on the upper arms, shoulders, upper back, and chest.

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