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Pick Hummingbird Tattoos Your First or Next Design

The swallow, hummingbird, and the grand eagle are among the most sought bird designs in the world. Hummingbird is the smallest bird that lives in the rainforest of North and South America. To many of us, it is a familiar and positive symbol.

Hummingbird tattoos are usually ranging from small to medium size. The artworks are beautify and stylish, and they are perfect for the girls who want their first inking. However, the tattoo is not only meant for women. Some men are wearing the symbols with the names of their loved one next to the designs.

You can stretch the artwork to suit your body and add multiple colors to it, or you can blend the emblem with other design elements like flowers, vines, and butterflies to form a creative and larger tattoo. Some people may also choose to have a hummingbird landing on a flower of choice, or to have a pair of them sitting on top of the shoulder. As both the birds and flowers are having vivid colors, the tattoos are usually colorful and bright. Nevertheless the symbol can also look very attractive in white or black hues.

To accentuate the natural beauty of the female body, some girls choose to place their hummingbird motifs on the lower back and lower stomach. Others will carry the artworks on their legs, arms, and upper back. The symbol portrays the abundance of loves, joys, hope, freedom and peace. In some cultures the birds are also considered spiritual, and the symbol is perfect for those who cherish their lives.

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