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Bull Tattoo — A Masculine Symbol

While bull tattoo may be known as a Zodiacal symbol to many people, the bull actually has a significant influence over several oriental and western cultures. Being recognized as a symbol of masculinity because of its ferocity, it portrays an image of great power, strength, vitality, force, resurrection, fertility and impulsiveness. In some traditions, the animal is highly revered, but it is also used as a sacrifice to worship gods during ritual ceremonies. Its blood is believed to be able to fertilize the earth. However, in a few cultures it is an epitome of death and the image is associated with bad omen.

Some people may wear a bull symbol on their bodies when they have triumphed over a tough situation with great pride. The symbol serves as a long term reminder for his or her victory. In Ireland where a hero is named the bull, it is a figure for extreme power, brutality and death.

To express your unique personality using the bovine animal, here are a few ways to design your artwork. You can have

  1. a Taurus glyph with horns and a ring at the nostrils that represents your sun sign and its special traits.
  2. combine a charging bull face-to-face with a wild feline animal such as a leopard, tiger or lion.
  3. a design showing wind blowing out of its nose, and storm of dust created by the angry animal through digging of the ground.
  4. an image of someone riding on a calm and peaceful bull.

Most people will choose to inscribe the head of the animal instead of its whole body. You can have a work of art created in a tribal style in black ink or two colors which is often in red and black. A regular or a 3D design of the animal in multiple colors can also be seen often as a bull tattoo. Depending on the size of the artwork you wish to get, some apt locations to place the tattoo are the upper arm, chest, shoulder, lower back, hip, and leg.

When you have finally decided on a specific tattoo category, the next thing you want to do is to go through as many design ideas as possible. Signing up a professional gallery will allow you to have plenty of high-quality choices, and you can see different forms of stunning designs all in one site.