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Cat Tattoos: Notorious or Fascinating Designs?

Cat tattoos can represent different meanings in different cultures. The Ancient Egyptians revered cats to the extent that they would punish anyone who harmed the animal by purpose. When a cat passed on, it would be embalmed and buried in its own casket. Cat tattoo symbolized the moon and the sun in Ancient Egypt, and one of the most worshiped goddesses is God Bastet who has a cat’s head in a woman’s body.

However, the symbols have other connotations. In Norse’s mythologies, cats are somewhat magical, and the chariot of goddess Freya was pulled by them. The feline emblems are associated with mystery, witchcraft and evil power particularly with a black one.

Cats are often believed to have 9 lives, and they are associated with rebirth or a new beginning. The symbol has always been a notorious, or a charming figure. Some people love it while others dislike it. Try to understand various symbolism behind the creature before choosing your cat design. If you’re really attracted by the feline symbol, consider the different breeds such as the Angora, Russian Blue, Persian, Ragdoll, Ocicat, etc. This video will give you ideas on various possible designs.

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