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Armband Chain Tattoos: Daisy, Bike, Jewelry, Heart

Chain symbols are often chosen by people who have successfully set themselves free from a confined situation. It is a symbol often used to mark a specific event for those who have overcome the hardship in lives.

There are a few types of popular designs, and each has its own significance. In general, a broken chain tattoo is a symbol of freedom while a connected one represents a restricted situation. You can sport an armband with thick link wrapping around your upper arm. While some people prefer to have an unbroken link drooping at the middle, others would favor a torn and opened link.

Some of the popular chain tattoos are daisy chain design and jewelry tattoo made out of gold, silver or copper. You can add other design agents like a heart, teardrop, gem, and padlock at the end of the sagging link. Alternately you can also interweave flower design elements such as daisy, or rose buds with the chain. Some heavy links may include the anchor, or bike chains, or a marine creature wrapped in a heavy link struggling for freedom.

The innovation of the design is boundless. You should research all possible design variations before committing to a particular artwork.

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