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Gorgeous Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs – Power, Strength, Protection

Dragon symbolizes different meanings across different cultures. In Chinese heritage, it is a symbol for benevolence. While the phoenix was used to signify the empress, the five-clawed dragon represented the emperor of China.  Today, the common sight of Chinese dragon will be the dance presented during Chinese festivals. The tattoo design has also becoming more popular these days for the Chinese as well as for other ethnic groups.

For the most part, the design is perceived as a symbol of power, strength, wisdom, freedom, protection, as well as courage. As dragon is a long creature, it is suitable to be sported on the arms and legs. A half sleeve tattoo is very popular. You can also have the creature warps around the body filling up your full back or upper back, and have the its head slithers to the upper front.

For men who are fascinated by the oriental culture, Chinese dragon tattoo designs are usually the first preference when come to inking. Many women are also attracted by the long creature. By adding in tribal element to the artwork, the dragon makes a very stunning lower back tribal design.

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Unique Chinese Writing Tattoos & Symbols

Many types of calligraphies were developed by the Chinese throughout 3,000 years of history. Two of the most common scripts used for tattoo in Chinese are the Clerical script (LiShu, 隸書) and Standard script (KaiTi, 楷體). Calligraphy simply refers to different type of writings. It is not only a way to write Chinese characters, but it also represents the unique oriental art. You can create Chinese writing tattoos in any scripts as long as you appreciate the beauty of the work of art.

Today, there are two common ways to write Chinese characters, the Simplified and Traditional writings. Both versions are widely used in day-to-day life. I personally find that the Traditional writing is more attractive for inking. To help you understand the different between the two versions, here is an example.

The calligraphy symbol has becoming very popular these days. It is not unusual for people to get characters or symbols being inked with missing strokes, backward, or defaced. A wrong translation can also happen frequently. Here are some tips to help you before getting the writing tattoos.

1. For any Chinese tattoo symbols you wish to ink, check out the difference between the Traditional and Simplified characters. Select the one that is most comfortable and striking to you. Some characters may appear to be exactly the same for both the versions.

2. Always check with someone whose mother tongue is Mandarin before getting a tattoo in Chinese. It is always recommended to use a professional translation service, either online or offline, to ensure the accuracy and to prevent any permanent embarrassment with your symbol.

3. You should know that Kanji and Chinese tattoo symbols are two separate things. Sometimes they share the same character, but the meaning can be totally different.

Here are some popular calligraphy symbols. You can also consider wearing the zodiac letter you belong to according to the animal calendar.

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