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Irish Tattoo Designs – Convey your Heritage

Besides being the homeland of many renowned writers at all times such as William Butler Yeats and Oscar Wilde, the Irish people are also very rich and diversified in arts, traditions, and music.  Some of the early arts are traced back to the Medieval Era, and evidence can be found in the illuminated manuscript. Getting Irish tattoo designs is an excellent way to express your Celtic and Irish heritage.

Plenty of unique designs and styles are available for selection–from very religious to traditional, and mythical to unique Celtic arts. Here are some good choices to consider.

1. Celtic symbols
The Celts who settled down in the lands of ancient Ireland has a great influence over the local culture. They carried along their remarkable body arts with intricate spirals, knot works and beautiful images of the nature.

One of the very popular symbols in Irish tradition is Celtic knot. Both ends of the knot work usually curve out with open end. As there is no beginning and ending to the knot work, the symbol signifies eternal life emphasizing the concept of creation and destruction–that is birth, death, and rebirth.

The three rays or arwen is a Celts’ emblem with three vertical and parallel lines. The two outer lines signify the man and women while the middle one depicts the balanced energy between the two sexes.

Celtic cross is another popular emblem with Irish decent and religious connotation. It is among the most wanted cross tattoos around the world.

2. Shamrock / clover
A shamrock or a 3-leaf clover is regarded as the national icon of Ireland, and it is a symbol of good luck. The tri-piece-leaf is also associated with Christianity as it was used by Saint Patrick to explain the Holy Trinity—attributed as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In Irish mythology, the shamrock is also connected to a leprechaun, a fairy having an ‘old-man’ look and dressing in green coat. The leprechaun is also a representation of luck, fun and mischief.

3. Claddagh
The Claddagh design is usually having a crown on top of a heart being supported by two hands. The heart represents loyal love, and it is presented to the loved one using two hands.

The emblem can commonly be found in jewelry, and Claddagh rings are worn by people all over the world. You may sometimes see a Dublin design called the Fenian Claddagh. It is with two hearts being held by both hands without the crown.

4. Other remarkable Irish design can be a colorful tattoo with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The demand of the Irish motifs has been in an increasing trend. No matter which design options you pick, it will be a tremendous experience for getting an Irish symbol. It’s definitely a very good way to convey your heritage.

4 Leaf Clover Tattoos Symbolize Good Luck

A 3-leaf white clover, or a Shamrock, is regarded as the emblem of Ireland, and it is highly revered by Irish nation. Wearing a tri-piece-leaf shamrock tattoo signifies the Holy Trinity—the Father, Son and Host Spirit as imparted by St. Patrick. In Irish mythology, the shamrock is also linked to a leprechauns—a type of fairy clad with green coat and in the form of an old man. In fact, the name of Shamrock was originated from Irish word “saemrog.”

Sometimes, but rarely, clover leaves appear in 4 pieces with one leaf smaller than the other three. One must be very lucky to be able to spot one. 5- and 7-leaf clovers are also available but they are extremely difficult to find.

The 4 leaf clover tattoos are universal signs of good-luck particularly to the Celts and Irish descent. Each leaf in a 4-piece clover carries different meaning. The four leaves denote hope, love, faith and good-luck.

According to the age old tradition, a 4-leaf clover was carried to the human land by Eve who was expelled from the Garden of Eden. In Celtic culture, the leaf was a charm which was used to fight evil spirits.

Plenty of design variations can be created from a simple leaf. From a plain clover design in dual tones with yellow and green, to an amazing work of art added with Celtic knots on the leaves, a clover tattoo is definitely a rare beauty with meaningful representation. If you’re looking for something truly distinctive and creative, consider blending a clover with other design agents such as a ladybug or a bee. Here are two unique designs for your consideration.

Some of the popular locations to place Shamrock or 4 leaf clover symbols are the stomach, lower back, ankle, shoulder, back of ear, collar, hand and leg.