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Dog Tattoo for its Positive Meanings

No one really knows since when dogs have become domesticated. They are men’s best friend since early history of mankind for being a good companion and helper. Therefore, dog tattoo carries mostly the positive representations, and it symbolizes guardianship and vigilance.

Also, it is a powerful totem that is being used in many coats of arms. Some of the different types of canines that appeared in the blazons are the levrier, talbot, greyhounds, bloodhounds, mastiffs, terriers, and spaniels. Therefore, the emblem also signifies loyalty and courage.

In some culture the canines are linked to the priests for being a watchdog against evils. In ancient Egypt, pooches were venerated as much as the cats. In fact, they are attributed as guards of the afterlife in many traditions because the animals are believed to have the ability to see invisible dangers–the ghosts in the spirit world.

The Cerberus in Greek mythology was a three-headed dog that acted as a spirit guide at the gate of the realm. Maori carved pooches to signify the departed spirits which are protecting their tribes. The Native American rears the animals for protection and warnings. To the Chinese and Japanese it is a guardian symbol, and many African tribes label the wise canine as the ancestral father.

The animal is also one of the twelve signs in Chinese Zodiac. People who are born in the Year of Dog are affectionate, honest, open-minded and fair. It also represents loyalty.

Most of the connotations to the dog symbols are positive. When a yellow pooch follows you home, it brings good luck to your family.

In fact, canines are held in high esteem in almost everywhere in the world because of their special trait of clinging themselves to their masters. They seem to understand exactly what the interests of their masters are and this makes them a great pet.

If you’re a pooch lover or you belong to that Zodiac sign, consider to ink your favorite pooch image. Some of the ideal locations for this type of design are the upper arm, shoulder, chest, and upper back. Make sure you’ve seen enough quality artworks in different styles before picking your design.