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5 Most Popular Tattoo Designs

While tattoo speaks a crucial statement for its bearer, it is also used to embellish the body. Today, inking has become so common and popular that you can easily find someone having a tat just standing next to you. The works of arts are often very high quality with a lot of innovation and imagination put into the design in order to make it stands out. If you know how to access some of the useful resources on the internet, it will help you locate that perfect symbol. While it takes a lot of time to scan through numerous images before coming to a decision, the selection process should bring you a lot of fun and excitement. Some of the most popular tattoo designs are given below.

1. Tribal tattoo is probably the most searched artworks on the internet, and the history can be traced back to thousands of years. Over the years, the symbols have evolved to become more intricate in styles. While the traditional tribal pattern is made out of thick lines and curves in black wrapping around the arms and legs, the modernized creation is more colorful that can be found on almost everywhere on the body. Perhaps, this makes the artworks to be more and more demanding.

2. The lower back is women’s favorite spot to display tattoos because it is the most exotic and sensual part of a woman’s body. It will definitely attract a lot of attention from the onlookers. Some of the great designs to be sported in this area are butterfly, flower, dragon, etc., particularly in tribal style. The work of art can follow the natural curves of the body and be extended to the hips if you like, making it a truly amazing and innovative creation.

3. Next is the all time popular dragon symbol. There are different types of dragons to pick from, for example the Chinese or the mythical dragons. For girls the best location to place a dragon is on the back while the tattoo looks great to be on the guys’ chests, shoulders, and arms. Dragon artwork is stretchable which can be fitted to any part of the body—from a large, intricate full back motif to a small, monochromatic dragon at the upper arm.

4. Today, lots of people love the old school styles of designs. Tattoos with anchors, swallow and pinup girls which were once very popular in the 60s have started to regain their popularity rapidly, not just for the sailors but also for many females and males.

5. For people of Celtic descent, they like to wear Celtic symbols to embellish the body and to speak a statement for them. The designs often appear in tribal styles adding a more creative look.

Of course, there are plenty of popular tattoo designs besides the five options given above. After selecting the type of motif to ink, you can consider making the artwork to be very innovation and imaginative, depending on your personal preference and taste. If you’re looking for a truly unique tat, then try to find your perfect design from an online professional gallery. You will subject yourself to thousands of beautiful, high quality artworks before making a decision!

Gorgeous Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs – Power, Strength, Protection

Dragon symbolizes different meanings across different cultures. In Chinese heritage, it is a symbol for benevolence. While the phoenix was used to signify the empress, the five-clawed dragon represented the emperor of China.  Today, the common sight of Chinese dragon will be the dance presented during Chinese festivals. The tattoo design has also becoming more popular these days for the Chinese as well as for other ethnic groups.

For the most part, the design is perceived as a symbol of power, strength, wisdom, freedom, protection, as well as courage. As dragon is a long creature, it is suitable to be sported on the arms and legs. A half sleeve tattoo is very popular. You can also have the creature warps around the body filling up your full back or upper back, and have the its head slithers to the upper front.

For men who are fascinated by the oriental culture, Chinese dragon tattoo designs are usually the first preference when come to inking. Many women are also attracted by the long creature. By adding in tribal element to the artwork, the dragon makes a very stunning lower back tribal design.

You can find beautiful and creative artworks in a pro gallery.