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Stylish Behind the Ear Tattoos

Besides neck designs, behind the ear tattoos are gaining popularity among the women and for some men.

For women, you can decide when you want to show off the design, or hide it under your long hair. The ear emblem is a good choice when there is a need to cover up the artwork at work or in school.

The area behind the ear is limited, and only a small design can fit. Nevertheless ear artworks can be very attractive, and there are almost unlimited choices to pick. Some of the popular symbols are stars, hearts, flowers, birds, zodiac symbols and butterflies.

You can also consider on-the-ear-designs instead of inking at the back of the ear. It depends on your pain tolerance.  The emblem can be more painful to acquire because this area is having less fat tissue padding in between the skin and the skull bone. Since the motifs are usually small, the inking process is very short. Any discomfort feeling will disappear very fast and should not be a concern for many tattoo lovers.

The best place for extraordinary work of arts is certainly the professional online gallery.

Stephanie 12