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The Most Liked Leg Tattoos for Girls

Many girls place tattoos on their legs because the area in between the knee and ankle is one of the most provocative body spots. Also, this is an area that will draw plenty of attention of the bystanders particularly from the male group.

Another good thing is that the design can easily be covered up when it is not meant to be shown at work, during job interview, in the library, or the classroom. You can wear a pair of long pants, or opaque hosiery to hide your tattoo. But at the beach, you can be the center of attention when revealing your beautiful artwork.

So, what are the good choices of leg tattoos for girls? Well, the designs you can use are almost unlimited. Listed below are some favorable tattoo ideas for girls, and they will make you look extremely pretty and fashionable.

1) Vines
Consider wrapping around your leg with a long and flexible vine, slithering from the back to the side, and bring out the beautiful features of your leg. The vine tattoo can be intertwined with flowers of your choice, or even with grapes, stars, or hearts, to make a unique work of art. If you are an Irish descendent, the lucky clover leaves can be a good choice of vine design.

Bird of Paradise Tattoo
2) Flowers
Alternately you can produce your own design of flower chain, or a group of your favorite flowers that stretched to fit your calf area. If you want a more elaborate tattoo, combine it with one or two pollinators such as bee, butterfly, hummingbird, or even a ladybug.

3) Butterflies
A group of butterflies scattered randomly around your leg with colorful wings is really gorgeous. Likewise a set of black butterflies in tribal style are also preferred by many women because of their intense beauty.

4) Popular character
You can have a freaky pin up model, or a Disney cartoon character, or a mermaid that appears at the back of the leg. Without doubt this will create a very special look on your body.

5) Stars
Stars are all time favorite design and fashion for girls. Consider to inscribe a group of shooting stars that run from the top of your calf to the bottom.

6) Tribal arts
Whether it is an intricate or a simple artwork, in back ink or multiple colors, tribal design always look great and attractive to anyone who look at it.

7) Reptiles with long body and tail
The leg is a long body part that is most suitable for a lengthy artwork such as a dragon, snake, lizard, caterpillar, or a peacock feather, or even an animal with a long tail such as a squirrel. Both black and colorful design looks equally amazing on a female body.

8) Corset pattern
Ink both sides of your calf with a pair of corsets pattern. This fashionable design will surely invite a lot of attention to your feet. And, it is a good choice for those who want to underscore their long and sexy legs.

Newest Tattoo

Angry Badger

Women Tattoos – Where & What to Ink?

Female celebrities who sport tattoos have significantly increased in the last two decades. Leading by the famous stars, inking being a good way to embellish the body has burgeoned into a global trend for women. Over the years there have been many forms of female tattoos developed to fulfill the different needs.

Women tattoos are lively, pretty, fashionable and cute, and they are often added with the “sexy” design element. Nevertheless, there are also some who fancy bold, intricate and large images. You can pick a regular, 3D, or abstract motif to show your unique style, or choose a meaningful symbol to represent an important statement.

The works of arts are almost unlimited with popular designs such as butterflies, Zodiacal glyphs, flowers, hummingbirds, aqua mammals, birds, hearts, stars, fairies, and angels. Women who want to portray a tough figure can also consider getting a demon, skull, dragon, eagle, or tiger artwork.

Given below are some female design ideas and apt locations to ink.

1.    Lower back
This is a popular area to place a tattoo to bring out the beautiful curvature of a female body. A horizontal artwork is often chosen, and it can be positioned to be partially visible while wearing your mid-drift shirt. You can draw plenty of attention from the horde who try to check out your full image. I personally feel that a colorful butterfly attached with black tribal patterns at both ends of the wings will look extremely remarkable. Nevertheless, the core design can almost be anything from flowers to birds, and stars to hearts.

2.    Navel
Putting an emblem next to your bellybutton or above the bikini line is provocative especially when you have a flat abs. Depending on your personal taste, a small tattoo partly hidden in your low-rise pant is hot and enticing. Nevertheless, a larger artwork can also be placed to occupy the whole tummy area. Consider inscribing a group of stars, hearts, or your favorite flowers with ladybirds, hummingbirds, or butterflies.

3.    Wrist
The pattern resembles a bracelet. Some popular choices are jewelry design, flower chain, barbed wire, Celtic knots, tribal band, or other chain patterns composed of hearts, stars, and words. You should be aware that it is not a position you can easily covered up your tattoo when needed.

4.    Back
It is the biggest flat surface on the body which is good for a very large and intricate image. You can have a huge artwork extending from your back of neck to the lower back, for example, with a long dragon, a pair of wings, vines intertwining with flowers and pollinators, a snake,  a monster face, a Celtic Cross, a peacock or a tiger. If you’re looking for a smaller design, consider just to fill up your shoulder, upper back, lower back, or back of neck with a tattoo.

5.    Thigh
The upper thigh is an intimate part, and any image placed here is definitely enticing and sexy. Consider having a small tattoo such as heart, flower, star, butterfly, bird, etc. It will only be revealed to someone close or to the onlookers surrounding you at the beach.

6.    Ankle
This is one of the best spot on the body to attract viewers particularly from the men. You can cover up the motif with pants, hosieries and shoes during an inappropriate time.

While these are the popular spots and ideas for women tattoos, there is actually no boundary as to where and what is suitable for inking. Pick a design beforehand and discuss with your artist on how to tweak the artwork to suit your body and individual taste. It is advisable to find your design in a professional gallery before setting out to a parlor.  Good luck and happy inking!

Accentuate your Femininity with Ankle tattoo Designs

There are plenty of tattoo choices for girls. The ankle is a good spot to ink as it attracts a lot of attention from the onlookers to stare at your feet especially if you like to show off your long and sexy legs.

When you choose not to expose your ankle tattoos, you can cover up the designs by changing your outfits. Wearing pants, socks, opaque hosieries and some types of shoes can easily hide away your tattoos. But in the hot summer, you can wear short pants with a pair of sandals to show off your cute and feminine ankle tattoo designs as well as your beautiful body curvature.

Ankle motifs can be made very attractive and creative although they are usually very small. Many designs can be used to fit your foot area, but the most common artworks are fairies, flowers, tribal, stars and butterflies. You can also consider wearing an anklet style bracelet tattoo to wrap around your leg.

Because of the small motifs, they only require a short time to ink.  However, the inking is relatively more painful compare to other parts of the body as the ankle has less padding over the bond and has more nerve fibres. You may experience more bleeding, irritation and swelling.

Similar to other inking, you should be aware of the aftercare of new tattoo. Apply ointment such as Bacitracin for prevention of infection, avoid rubbing the tattoo with your tight pants, or expose the design to direct sunlight. You should also avoid walking on your new motif. Visit a pro gallery to see creative work of arts.

new tattoo on the inside of the left ankle

Tattoo: Left ankle

Cherry blossoms tattoo


Amazing Navel Designs: Belly Button Tattoos

Putting tattoo at stomach is most suitable when you have a flat lower abs. Many women fancy an inking at this area as the design helps to accentuate the femininity and attractiveness of the body.

Similar to lower back artwork, tattoo around the navel is definitely hot and stylish. Since the motif is partially exposed when you wear a mid-drift shift with low-rise jean, it creates curiosity on people who wish to see the complete design.

Some female enjoy the thrilling experience for exposing their amazing navel tattoos with belly rings. This combination of body ornaments will definitely catch a lot of attention from the onlookers. Nevertheless before you decide to ink a belly button tattoo, here are some things you should be aware of.

The positives of navel tattoo:

  1. Relatively to other body parts, inking tattoo at this area is less painful as there are fewer nerve endings around the navel.
  2. With a distinctive artwork placed on your abs, it will draw much attention there.
  3. You have full control over when you want to expose or hide away your navel tattoos.
  4. The motifs can be used to cover up scar from previous surgery, pregnancy or injury.

The negatives of navel tattoo:

  1. Lower ads is a stretchable area. Any artwork placed on this part can easily deform particularly when you are having weight fluctuation and going through surgery, pregnancy and aging process. This is also an area which can easily form keloidal scar.

Some of the popular designs are tribal, flowers, hearts, butterflies, and stars. In this best gallery you can view amazing and creative belly button tattoos. Visit an online pro gallery to view high quality work of arts.

Peafowl Tattoos – Proud as a Peacock!

Someone who is as proud as a peacock possesses a strong self-esteem.

Peacock tattoo designs have a vast variety of meanings in different cultures and religions. In general, peacock tattoos depict immortality, glory, incorruptibility, refinement and royalty.

The best body spots to place the artworks are the upper arm, lower arm, upper back and leg. You can consider having the whole bird or just the feather with the traditional gold, blue and green colors.