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Mermaid Tattoo – The Positive and Negative Meanings

Mermaid is a legendary maritime creature which looks half fish and half human. Its upper part looks like a human body while its bottom portion resembles a fish tail. This mythological siren-like creature has appeared in many cultures with different names for thousands of years, and mermaid tattoo has been worn by people around the world for a long time.

The sailors often claim to have seen the mermaids holding a mirror, sitting on a big rock and combing their abundant, flowing hairs. Perhaps, it is the delusion of a person after consuming too much alcohol, or being too many months offshore.

The sirens usually look like a woman, and they are mysterious and dangerously seductive. They lure the sailors and bring death to those who try to chase after them in the water.  Mermaids often sing with a sweet voice, and they can entice the sailors to wreck their vessels on rocks. The sirens will also seduce sailors to take away their treasures. So, anyone who falls in love with a mermaid will almost have a catastrophic ending.

In Greek mythology, union between gods and the sea creatures are believed to be the origin of the sirens. Being born from the sea, Aphrodite is the Goddess of love and procreation which symbolizes the beauty and erotic love. Appearing in a full human form, her fish characteristic was taken over by her handmaid, the female Tritonids, who appears half human and half fish. The mirror that she used symbolizes her vanity and the Venus planet. Her long, flowing hairs is a symbol of ample love. In Greek word, the comb means the female vulva which represents fertility. While the siren carries many negative connotations which are linked to tragedy, it is because of its association with Aphrodite that makes the design so popular as a tattoo.

From a medium to a very large design, mermaid tattoo is often placed at the side of the body, the arm, upper back, full back, and shoulder. It can be just a simple artwork, or it can be intertwined with other elements such as an anchor, flowers, a little girl and other type of marine life forms. It is one of the most pretty and creative designs among all categories of tattoos.

Carp Koi Fish Tattoos – Symbols of Power, Luck, Bravery

According to the Chinese tradition, a carp, or a koi (in Japanese), can transform into a dragon if it has successfully climbed the cataract called the Dragon Gate in the Yellow River at Hunan. It is believed that only a particular type of carp called YuLong (魚龍) is capable to climb the falls. In each spring, the carps will have to swim thousands of miles away from the ocean before they could reach the water at the foot of the falls.

To be successfully in life, one has to be brave like a koi which has to swim a long way upstream to lay eggs. The carp has to have a lot of strengths and determination to overcome any obstacles and hardships in order to attain the transformation. Koi fish tattoos, or koi carp tattoos, signify the same connotation, and they symbolize advancement, aspiration and courage.

Many people believe that the fish can bring good luck and fortune. In Buddhism, carp tattoo depicts someone who is going through tough time in life without fear. In most parts, the fish projects a very positive, encouraging and cheerful image. Whether you want to wear the design as body embellishment or for self encouragement, the koi artwork will definitely be an excellent choice as the design is unique and beautiful with its bright colors.

The artworks are usually found in a mixture of colors with white, yellow, orange, black and gold. In Chinese tradition of feng shui study (the laws of Heaven and Earth), a fish in flowing water can improve the energy flow, and thus improving one’s life.

Koi fish tattoos are suitable for both men and women. There are a few ideal locations to place a carp tattoo on a woman’s body.  A feminine fish artwork looks perfect to be worn on the feet, shoulder blades, lower back and wrists, but koi carp tattoos can also be made very masculine to suit the males. The guys usually like to portray the journey of transformation of a koi into a dragon with flowing water in a large full back design.

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