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Great Choices of Flower Tattoo Designs for Women

There are at least four hundred thousands of flowering plants in this world according to statistic released by the botanists. If you wish to embellish your body with some pretty flora work of arts, there are almost unlimited choices of flowers, designs, and colors that you can use. The meanings associated with them are all different. You can pick a meaningful design base on the body location that you want to sport. Here are a few popular flower tattoo designs for women that you can think about.

1. Daisies carry a wide range of colors and symbolisms that are mostly positive in nature. In general, a daisy represents beauty, purity, undying love and innocence. While some women like to use the flower for hair decoration, many use it as tattoo nowadays. Daisies have been around for over 4,000 years, and they appeared in few very old Egyptian stoneware. It also carries meaning associated with Mother Mary.

2. Hibiscus can be found anywhere around the world although it is originated from the Pacific Islands and many Asian counties such as China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and India. The flower blooms in different colors in red, orange, yellow, white and pink representing a wide range of meanings. In general, a hibiscus tattoo stands for delicate beauty, a great lover, elegance and royalty.  It is also known as the “Rose of Sharon” by the North American people which signifies the fruitfulness and the beauty of an ideal bride.

3. Growing from the water bed of a murky pond towards sunlight, the lotus plant will blossom when it comes out from the surface of the muddy water. The bud will grow in to a beautiful flower, but it is always uncontaminated by the muck. Although lotus tattoo carries a lot of meanings in many Asian traditions and religions, it does share some similarities among different cultures. It is a symbol of purity, beauty, clarity of the heart and mind, and estranged love. The bloom also represents a continual battle in life with hopes, or signifies a hardship that has been overcome.

4. There are a few types of lilies which are often seen as a tattoo. While the calla lily represents beauty and regal, tiger lily symbolizes prosperity and wealth. White lily is a symbol of purity of heart, modesty and virginity. Generally, a lily tattoo stands for pride, innocence, majesty and wealth.

5. Rose tattoo is one of the most popular flower artworks in the world. Each color of rose has its own significance including its bud. A red rose is a symbol of sincere love, romance, beauty and unity while a white one stands for innocence, happy love and friendship. A red rose bud tattoo denotes youth, beauty and purity, and a black rose represents farewell, an ended love and a complete freedom. Be sure to check out the meaning associated with each rose before deciding on the color.

Flower tattoos are seen almost anywhere on the body. Whether they are in monochrome or multiple colors, they look gorgeous all the time. It is indeed a perfect choice for those who want to acquire their first symbol. Be sure to see as many flower work of arts as you can before stepping foot in to a parlor.

Gardenia Tattoo an Intense Emotional Symbol

There are over 250,000 species of flowering plants in this world, and every one of them is unique and beautiful in its own way. With a wide range of color choices, flora artworks possess almost unlimited meanings. Therefore, it won’t be too difficult to pick a flower design that will speak your mind. Among all gardenia tattoo is one of the remarkable designs that has mostly positive representation.

The flowers are often seen in white while they also appear in yellow, blue, and creamy colors with more than 140 species. They have a rich fragrance which can easily fill up the entire hall with its sweet, calming scent, even with just a single bloom.

Gardenia are often seen in celebrations and wedding ceremonies. It is an important ingredient for many renowned presumes as well as for making soaps, creams, lotions, incense and oils. The dried petals also have specific value in Chinese medicine being a soothing agent to clear the mind and curb anxiety. Besides, the yellow petals are used in making dye to color the clothes and the food while cooking.

Gardenia conveys strong emotional connotations, and it is a symbol of grace, kindness, purity, and sweetness. When the flower is presented to someone as gift, it signifies joy, beauty and secret love and helps to express the intense feelings of a person with someone.

The flower tattoo also carries special meanings in certain traditions. It can be sported as a memorial symbol to remember a mother who has passed on. With its representation of joy and beauty, it is often used as the names for small girls.

As usual, most flora tattoos will look good when combining with various pollinators such as hummingbird, butterfly, and bee. While you can combine a few gardenias with green vines, or mix them with other type of flowers, the tattoo can be placed on your stomach extending to the side of body, legs, shoulders, and hands. Try to pick a remarkable design ahead of time before seeing your favorite artist.

Daffodil Tattoo Designs – Symbol of Joy

While a single daffodil signifies misfortune, several of them symbolize joy and happiness. In general, it represents resurrection, a new beginning, eternal life, regard, and chivalry. Because of the mostly positive symbolism, it has attracted many people to place daffodil tattoo designs on the body. Now that you are aware of the real meanings behind a single flower, you may want to include more than one in your artwork.

It is the flower for the tenth wedding anniversary which stands for unrequited love. Each time when you start to see a daffodil, it is an indication of the end of a winter season.  In England, it is a symbol that brings good luck and prosperity. Being the early flower of spring, in Wales’s culture, the person who discovers the first daffodil will get a lot of wealth in the coming one year. To the Chinese, it brings good fortune to the family if the flowers bloom during their New Year periods.

The tattoo is often worn for its aesthetic beauty as well as for its positive connotations. There are many ways to design your tattoo. Of course the flowers will look great just by themselves, but you can consider getting a more creative tattoo by blending it with hummingbirds, butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, and some vines. You can even make the flower emerging out from the winter snow or mixing it with some green leaves. While it is also the birth flower for the Aquarians, intertwining the tattoo with an Aquarius glyph will give a perfect look for those who believe in their horoscopes. Likewise, you can seek help from an experience artist who can easily transform a yellowish, or a lavender daffodil with a big tubular center in to a unique piece of art.

So, where is the best body spot to locate such a marvelous design? The answer is depending on the size of the artwork that you intend to get. A larger artwork can be placed on the back, shoulder or side of the body. A smaller design is more suitable to ink on the upper arm, hand, leg and ankle. It can also be designed as a wrist chain together with vines.

Meaningful Carnation Tattoo Designs

Having existence for over two millenniums, the carnation flower is rich in meanings and mythology. Many people incise carnation tattoo designs just to embellish the body, but you can certainly choose any petal color according to the meaning that you want. A wide range of colors are available, and each color comes with a very rich and unique connotations.

Generally carnations represent devoted love. Below are the meanings of various colors associated with the flowers:

  • White is a symbol of pure and eternal love. It also signifies fertility, gratitude, innocence, faithfulness, and good luck.
  • Light red represents friendship and admiration.
  • Dark and vivid red symbolizes affection and deep love.
  • Purple helps to express a feeling of always changing, capricious, and unpredictable emotions. It is unclear for when, or under which occasion that the flower is used.
  • Pink is the most significant color because it is believed that the flower was created by Virgin Mary’s teardrops when she cried during Crucifixion of Jesus. It is a symbol of a mother’s unconditional and never-ending love, and it has been used to depict a woman’s love over the years.
  • Yellow signifies the feelings of disappointment, disrespect, and rejection in a person.
  • Receiving a striped flower means that you are refused by someone.

For those who love to get a carnation design, now that you’ve gained more knowledge about the emotions each color is representing. Try to pick a color that speaks the right statement and exact emotion that you want. Of course, you can ink a tattoo just to admire its aesthetic beauty. Pick any color combination that you fancy if it is just for the adornment of the body.

If you’re born in the month of January, this flower represents your birth symbol. Carnation is also commonly worn at weddings, and during Teacher’s Day and Mother’s day. But, in certain cultures such as France, the flower signifies misfortune and bad luck.

Wearing a flower design is certainly a very good choice. It can cheer up your day and bring smile to your face during tough time. Some good body spots for this floral work of art are the upper back, shoulder, upper arm, stomach, lower back, and leg.

Check out the award-winning carnation tattoo to get more design ideas before leaving for your favorite parlor.

Black Rose Tattoo and Its Significance

Flower work of art has been an all time favorite for tattoo lovers. This is because flower design is not only attractive and pretty, but there are also plenty of choices and colors to choose from. So far, rose is the most wanted design among all flower artworks.

The flower exists in many colors. When we talk about roses in black, we actually refer them to the very dark red, maroon or purple colors. In fact, the black flowers do not exist naturally, but the botanists have created them in the laboratory using some cross breeding method.

In general the roses represent love, but we have also read a lot of fictions that associate them with dark magic. So, what does a black rose tattoo really symbolize?

Death is often linked to the color. When the loved one passed on, a person may want to show his or her tribute to the departed soul. Wearing a rose in black design together with some wording next to it would be a good way to show their love and respect to that special person. While the flower is unreal in actual, sporting one of those designs gives the bearer some hope that miracle can happen.

The symbol is often linked to some anarchist writers who sport the tattoos to signify the concept of anarchism. In the early time, black tattoo was also used as an anti British symbol by the Irish during war. In some traditions, the symbol helps to mark the end of a long and difficult period. So, they are popular among soldiers who have returned from a war and don’t want to get back to battle again. Likewise, it is also worn by someone to mark an end of a relationship.

Inking is a personal matter. Everyone has his or her own reason to ink a tattoo especially with this special symbol. Try not to pick your design in a rush. Look through different places, and you would probably be able to spot one that amazes you a lot.