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The Amazing Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Cherry blossom has been widely admired by the Chinese and Japanese because of its remarkable beauty and symbolism. During the flower’s short blooming season, it is not unusual for people to gather in the parks or streets to celebrate and enjoy the flowers in full blossoms. . The flowers appear in several colors from pure white to yellow, and light pink to dark pink.

Cherry blossom tattoos look remarkable when they’re sported by women. The emblem has a lot of meanings especially in the Chinese and Japanese cultures.

The Chinese links the flower to the female’s power, and the tattoo is perfect for woman who is strong-minded. The design also signifies feminine attraction and sexuality, but sometimes cherry designs are sported by females who have come out from a falling relationship.

In Japan, the tattoo can mean an entirely different thing.  The flower only blooms for a very short period of time, and then it will dry up on the ground. It resembles the life cycle and portrays the transience of things and the bitterness along their passing. It shows us that life is fragile, and we should appreciate what we’re having today.

The artwork is often in a branch of flowers with medium to large design.  You can consider placing the tattoo on your arm, shoulder, leg, and upper back extending to the side of the body.

A good rule of thumb is to always see enough designs before you ink any tattoo. Check out some high quality and amazing flower designs in a professional gallery.

Back Tattoo (Cherry Blossoms)

Ankle tattoo (Cherry Blossoms)