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Unique Beauty of Dandelion Tattoos

Those people who acquire dandelion tattoos love the aesthetic appearance of the flower. The yellowish flora head consists of a multitude of smaller flowers, the florets. When the plant reaches its maturity, the head will turn into a fluffy ball with many single-seeded fruits attaching to it. The individual seed has few long fine hairs making it very easy to fly away with the wind.

The popular dandelion images often comprise of a few flying seeds taking off from the fluffy ball and leaving behind the flower head with some portion missing. The flower symbolizes faithfulness, love’s oracle, and happiness. There are people associating the plant to the solar system representing the sun, moon and stars. Nevertheless, most people pick the designs because of their uniqueness and cosmetic beauty.

Dandelion flower has the same characteristic of the famous Day’s Eye, the daisy flower. Its petals open in the daylight and close at night.

Before deciding your perfect flora tattoo design, you should see enough stunning, quality artworks. You can check out the amazing images in a professional gallery.


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