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Hibiscus Tattoos, the Symbol of Delicate Beauty

Trying to find an amazing tattoo? Hibiscus is a large bell-shaped flower with five or more petals. In many cultures, it is being used to embellish clothing, hat, hairs, ear, or make flower necklace because of its aesthetic beauties.

Although the flowers are originated from the Pacific Islands, Asia, and some locations in the Caribbean Sea, today over 200 species are growing in places all over the world.  Their common colors are white, yellow, red, orange and pink with unique petals. Hibiscus tattoos usually feature one, or a combination of these colors, but there is no restriction to the amount of creativity you can have on their colors and designs.

Hibiscus tattoo carries a wide variety of meanings to people in Hawaii, South Korea, China, Japan, Europe, Malaysia, Egypt, India and etc. Delicate beauty is the most common symbolism of this flower.

Given below are other meanings of hibiscus over different nationality and culture.

  • In North America, the flower is called The Rose of Sharon which signifies the fruitfulness and beauty of a perfect bride.
  • In Hawaii, the ma‘o hau hele is a state flower. In here, the tribal hibiscus tattoos stand for royalty and respect. It is also a popular emblem of hospitality.
  • In South Korea, h.syriacus is the national flower which depicts immortality.
  • In Japan, the flower is usually presented to a visitor representing the friendliness of the local people.
  • In China, the symbol signifies wealth, fame and virginity of young girls.
  • In Malaysia, the Chinese hibiscus (H. rosa-sinensis) is the national flower which signifies courage.

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