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Catch the Eye with an Iris Tattoo

The name of the flower was derived from a goddess’s name Iris in Greek mythology.  Since the goddess traveled to the rainbows and brought back messages from Gods, it is a symbol that will bring messages with hope. As the flowers are found all over the world, the meanings differ from one area to another depending on their colors. The emblem is often linked to royalty, power, majesty wisdom, love promises, valor, faith, and courage.

Although iris design is not too common, the symbolical meanings and its rare beauty have made the design truly exotic and remarkable. It will definitely make the bearer to be noticeable in the horde. The artwork looks good to be placed on the arm, shoulder, stomach, and leg. You can mix an iris with a few long spiral leaves, or blend the tattoo with other type of flowers such as rose and lily. Adding A pollinator like hummingbird or butterfly to the design can make a large and creative artwork.

Today, you can find iris plants being cultivated in North American, Asia, Europe, Arabic countries and Africa. More and more people are giving attention to iris tattoo designs, and they look as great as other popular flowers in tattooing.

A good rule of thumb to avoid regretting your tattoo later is to see enough quality artworks before inking. You should check out the amazing designs at the professional tattoo gallery.