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Jasmine Tattoo Design to Accentuate Your Femininity

Jasmine flower is not only favored by some tattoo lovers, it has huge commercial value for making herbal medicines, oils, cosmetics, perfumes, incenses, and teas. Because of its sweet and strong scent, people in Asia often use the flowers to make garlands for hair adornment.

Jasmine tattoo design is feminine in nature and usually preferred by women. The white or Indian jasmine flower represents amiability and strong attachment to someone. Even the plant is not within your sight, you can still smell the strong fragrance coming from the plant. Therefore, the flora tattoo also represents true love which is continually growing even though your loved one is far away.

The flowers are usually in white, but they appear in other colors such as white yellow and pink.  While the white yellow flower signifies elegance and grace, the Spanish jasmine represents sensuality.

Because  Jasmine is a climbing vine or shrub, the tattoo often appear in a branch of flowers and being inked on the shoulder, lower back, leg, armband, and back of neck. You can also pick a single flower, or two flowers, to be sported on the ankle, toe, or behind the ear.

One of the good practices is to always see enough stunning and high quality artworks before picking your design. Find your perfect flower design in a professional gallery.