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Lily Tattoos: Meanings behind The Flower

Lilies are highly respected among all the flowers. In Christianity, the white Madonna is associated with the Queen of the Angels, the Virgin Mary. In Chinese culture, it is a symbol of mother. Of course, the flower is also very attractive. All these characteristics have made lily tattoo designs to gain tremendous popularity.

In general, the flower symbolizes majesty, wealth, abundance, pride, innocence, and purity. Here are the symbolic meanings of various lily tattoos base on the type and color.

  • Calla — magnificent beauty and regality
  • Casablanca — celebration
  • Day — coquetry and enthusiasm
  • Orange — dislike
  • Tiger lilies — wealth, prosperity
  • White — chastity, virginity, purity and modesty of Virgin Mary
  • Yellow — falseness, walking on air, gratitude, gaiety
  • Lily of Valley — sweetness

Lily symbols are mostly preferred by women. The flower emblems look great to be placed at the shoulder, arm, ankle, leg, hip, and stomach. If you opt for a large artwork, you can consider inking five or more flowers at your full back or on the side of your body.

The flower designs can have almost unlimited variations. Make sure you see enough quality artworks before you ink. Visit a pro gallery.