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Lotus Flower Tattoos with Unique Beauty and Meanings

Are you thinking of getting a lotus tattoo? Many men and women fancy lotus flower tattoos because of their special connotations and unique beauty. The flowers carry different meanings in different cultures and religions.

A single lotus looks as good as a combination of them with other eastern artworks. Koi fish and lotus flower tattoo are a perfect pairing for people who has gone through tough time and achieved remarkable success in life. Although the plants grow in mucky and muddy swamps, this does not affect its perfection of beauty. The flowers emerge from the surface of the slime and grow toward the sunlight. The struggle to the top resembles a pure spiritual growth.

The plants open their petals during sunrise and submerge at night. Everything has both natural dualities (e.g. low and high, cold and hot, dark and light and male and female). Lotus designs are god’s symbols, and many cultures across the world have revered the flower. In both Buddhist and Hindu religions, it is a symbol of purity and enlightenment- ultimate achievement of Nirvana. A pink lotus in Buddhism represents the highest position in connecting with Buddha, and a red one dignifies the heart with love and compassion.

Here are the varieties of meanings of a lotus tattoo to different ethnic groups:

In China, it represents harmony, unity, and passion.

In India, the flowers signify divine birth, long life, good health and fertility.

In Egypt, the flower icon is linked to the sun god Surya which signifies rebirth and immortality.

There are just too many meanings that the symbol can carry. In general, lotus artworks signify estranged love and forgetful of the past. As long as you are aware of the significance of your tattoo, you will certainly appreciate it. There are plenty of creative flora artworks, but always remember to see enough designs before committing to one.

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