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Black Rose Tattoo and Its Significance

Flower work of art has been an all time favorite for tattoo lovers. This is because flower design is not only attractive and pretty, but there are also plenty of choices and colors to choose from. So far, rose is the most wanted design among all flower artworks.

The flower exists in many colors. When we talk about roses in black, we actually refer them to the very dark red, maroon or purple colors. In fact, the black flowers do not exist naturally, but the botanists have created them in the laboratory using some cross breeding method.

In general the roses represent love, but we have also read a lot of fictions that associate them with dark magic. So, what does a black rose tattoo really symbolize?

Death is often linked to the color. When the loved one passed on, a person may want to show his or her tribute to the departed soul. Wearing a rose in black design together with some wording next to it would be a good way to show their love and respect to that special person. While the flower is unreal in actual, sporting one of those designs gives the bearer some hope that miracle can happen.

The symbol is often linked to some anarchist writers who sport the tattoos to signify the concept of anarchism. In the early time, black tattoo was also used as an anti British symbol by the Irish during war. In some traditions, the symbol helps to mark the end of a long and difficult period. So, they are popular among soldiers who have returned from a war and don’t want to get back to battle again. Likewise, it is also worn by someone to mark an end of a relationship.

Inking is a personal matter. Everyone has his or her own reason to ink a tattoo especially with this special symbol. Try not to pick your design in a rush. Look through different places, and you would probably be able to spot one that amazes you a lot.

Rose Tattoo Designs & Their Unique Meanings

There are many species and colors for roses, but each color carries a different set of symbolic meaning. Roses are beautiful, and they’re often the first tattoo for many people. If you’re looking for an amazing flower design, be sure to check out the remarkable rose tattoos and research the connotations associated with different color before you ink.

Tatuagem Rosa Rose Tattoo

Here are the different symbolic meanings of rose tattoo designs base on their colors.

  • Black – love is ended, goodbye, death and freedom
  • Blue – imagination, hope and new opportunity
  • Burgundy – unconscious beauty
  • Coral / Orange – burning desire, enthusiasm, and passion
  • Dark crimson – grief and mourning
  • Lavender – charm and love at first sight
  • Peach – gratitude, appreciation, admiration, modesty and sympathy
  • Pink – joy, appreciation, admiration, femininity, refinement and elegance
  • Purple – love at first sight
  • Red – true love, enduring passion, beauty, and respect
  • Red rosebud – purity, beauty, and youthful love
  • White – innocence, purity, truth, young love, and reverence
  • Yellow – joy, affection, caring, freedom, and friendship

Dual colors:

  • Orange + yellow – amorous feeling
  • Pink + while – perpetual love
  • Red + yellow – happiness
  • Red + white – unity

The meanings of rose tattoo designs according to the number of flowers you ink.

  • One rose – “I still love you” and love at first sight
  • Two roses – mutual love
  • Three roses – loving couple and their affection

A standalone rose design looks as charming as a few of them combined together. The flower can easily interweave with other design agents to form a truly distinctive design such as with butterfly, vine, cross, skull and other types of flowers. You can also have a floral artwork designed in tribal style—in multicolor or black hue.

The ideal location to wear rose designs are the shoulder, ankle, leg, chess, hip, upper arm, lower back and the navel area just above the bikini line. A larger design can also be located at your shoulder extending to the side of your body. In fact, flower tattoo is so flexible that it can be scaled to sport in anywhere of the body.

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