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Forget Me Not Tattoos Expressing Your True Love

Forget me not tattoo is often worn by people who want to express their faithful love to the ones they love. The flower emblem constantly reminds the bearer of all the sweet and loving memories—and do not forget the true love that presents in a profound relationship.  To other people, the tattoo is simply a symbol of hope.

Women usually love flower tattoo designs, and many would want to consider this flower. Appearing mostly in blue petals and yellow center (the stigma), you can blend a few blue-yellow flowers together with green leaves, or just ink a single flower. You can also consider pink or white petals, or pick an artwork in tribal style and black hue. For those who prefer a slightly larger design, combining a few types of flowers with a pollinator such as a butterfly, hummingbird, bee, or even a ladybug will make a truly remarkable work of art.

The popular body parts to ink flora emblems are the leg, shoulder, collar, behind ear, ankle, stomach, and arm. If you want something unique, think about having an arm band, or waist tattoo with bunch of blue flowers lining up in a row.

Check out this video @time 1:00 to 1:25…… and pay attention to the little flowers in blue.:)

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