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Frog tattoo Designs in Tribal, Celtic, Cartoon Styles

Frog is a positive and well-liked totem to many people around the world. It carries an effigy of a cute and funny character but with a lot of positive symbolism.

Because plenty of species are found all over the place, there have been multitudes of amazing frog tattoo designs created by artists across different cultures. The remarkable works of arts are often seen on someone’s lower back, armbands, behind the neck, shoulders, chests and legs. Occasionally, some women will also display the designs on the stomachs or hips trying to accentuate their femininity with a unique style.

For the younger generation, tree frog is one of their favorite designs, and in many occasions it is being used as the first tattoo. Base on the story of a princess who kissed a frog and turned it into a prince, the emblem symbolizes transformation with a happy ending. In fact, the little amphibian also has a very unique life cycle. From a tadpole, it transforms itself to an adult representing the awakening of who they really are.

The totem is also a representation of abundance and strong luck. In Rome, the people believe that the symbol will attract good fortune to their home. In China, a three-legged toad is a pet kept by the Chinese god of wealth which is an emblem of riches.

On the whole, the tattoos represent harmony, rebirth and life. It has the ability to jump from one spot to another, representing its supernatural strength to go from one state of consciousness to another. Sometimes it is being attributed as a mentor to guide people to understand mystical power. Many Native Americans believe that the frog brings them rain as well as wealth and prosperity. The last snowflakes that touch the ground will turn into frogs, and their presence indicates the approaching warm season. In Egypt, it is a protective symbol and the guide of the afterlife. It is also a fresh water keeper protecting us from thirst, flood, and drought as it controls and regulates the flow of waters for our utmost benefits.

The tattoos look good in a variety of colors, patterns as well as in different styles such as tribal, Celtic, Aztec, cartoon, etc. It often appears as a monochromatic design and also in colors representing the natural world. You can always let your creativity and imagination run wild while working on the artwork. Likewise, you can consider blending the frog tattoo with other design agents such as flowers (water lilies, lotus, etc) and vines, and have the little creature in a crouching position that flicks its tongue at a fly. Of course, you can also have one that is resting peacefully in the water.