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Incredible Back Piece Tattoo

A back piece tattoo is probably the most perfect choice if you’re looking for a very large design. The work of art is often elaborate and beautiful with plenty of details that make you feel proud to own it. At times, the tattoo can also become your permanent signature.

There are lots of selections for large tattoo. You can consider picking one that has impact to your life. Here are some possible design ideas to fill up your entire back. Your can choose a 3D, an abstract or just a regular design.

For example, you can have

  1. a 3D image of a tree, or a pair of koi fishes swimming in the water.
  2. a whole figure as a design–consider inking a full picture of a demon, dragon, monster face, tiger, Celtic cross, or a pair of angel wings.
  3. combination of two or more design elements such as butterflies intertwining with flowers and vines.
  4. different types of artworks and themes for your upper back and lower back.

Your back is probably the largest body area available for inking, and it may take more than a session to complete a full back tattoo. Because you will need to make several visits to the studio, you should feel very comfortable with the artist and the atmosphere.

While a large artwork requires many hours of fine work, the inking cost will also be very high. You should always discuss the number of visits and the associated cost with your artist.  Also, determine how he or she would want to stagger the works. Sometimes the entire process may take months to complete as you have to let your skin to heal before continuing on the next inking.

A large tattoo will definitely cost you more money, but most importantly you must find a reliable designer cum artist who can transform your expectation and ideas into a perfect piece of art.  Request a preliminary drawing from the artist to ensure the artwork is right for you, and discuss about the details to give your design an incredible look.

Inking a full back tattoo is going to be a big decision. You should spend many hours to research the core design, and then see enough variations before making your choice. Some good ways to explore design ideas are from the magazines, books, art galleries, and online websites.

To make things easier, you may want to join an online professional gallery where you can have thousands of high-quality artworks helping you to locate a perfect tattoo.