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Creative Tattoo Ideas for Tribal Heart Tattoo Designs

Heart design can signify a number of things. It represents the divine symbol of Scared Heart, and depicts courage, romance, true love, and sympathy in general. The emblem is a good representation of faith.

One of the popular styles frequently used in heart tattoo designs is tribal art, particularly for ladies who want to look more feminine in traditional theme. Tribal tattoos are usually monochromatic. However, some people prefer to have the symbol in red and the tribal curves in black. You can also include more colors to suit your personal taste.

The good locations to sport heart tribal tattoos are the lower back, upper back and chest. You can also scale down the artwork to fit the upper arm. If you opt for a small symbol, you could consider the shoulder, neck, breast, stomach, ear, and hand.

Design Ideas
Heart tattoo design can be blended with other elements to form a truly amazing design. Given below are some common design ideas with the heart symbol. You can have

  1. a heart that was struck by a Cupid’s arrow, or a dagger.
  2. a matching hearts with your loved one.
  3. someone’s initials next to the emblems including the word “mom.”
  4. a divine, or Scared Heart inked together with the image of Jesus or Virgin Mary to signify your devotion.
  5. interweave the love symbol with other elements like flowers to represent true love and deeper romance.
  6. a design with flame, or thorns to show that you’re a passionate person.

You can visit a pro gallery to see more creative and amazing designs.