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Where to Find Catchy Tattoo Designs?

For people who wish to get inked the very first time, there are always plenty of questions in their minds. The single most important question that no one will ever miss it is “where to find tattoo designs?” Yes, I too asked the same question when I wanted to place my first tattoo on the back of my neck. To help you find an ideal design quickly, here are three feasible ways.

1) Firstly, try to locate a reliable studio through the people you know well. Then, speak to the artist in that studio so that he or she can come out with a recommendation that fits your needs and personality. Likewise, you can also flip photo albums in the studio so that you can get inspired by many design ideas. For most people this option will work out well. I did the same thing a couple of years ago when I acquired my first ink.

Nevertheless, after putting up a tattoo on my back, it didn’t take too long for me to realize I have indeed overlooked some great options. Although I do not really feel unhappy about my current tattoo, I will probably make it looked a little bit different if I have done enough research before stopping by the studio.

2) You can create your own design by making use of images that you fancy. If you are familiar with any photo editing software, it is not too difficult to use the software to do some editing such as changing colors and stretching the sizes to suit your specific taste. You can also combine two or more objects, or add some texts to it to make a large and unique artwork. For example, you can start with a flower image and add butterfly, ladybug, and some vine to create your own exclusive tattoo.

3) Finally, tap into the resources offered by the online professional galleries so that you can see plenty of high quality artworks. There are many reputable galleries on the internet today where you can sign up for membership to download designs and their templates. The template can be used by the artist to duplicate the work on your body.  The most important thing in the design selection process is to always see enough images and have plenty of them to choose from.

Some of the most popular design categories are flowers, animals, stars, and fairies. You can make your tattoo in black, or multiple colors. The tribal style is another good consideration too.

Here are some nice looking works to inspire you.




Polynesian Tattoo


Biggest Babys Newest Tattoo



Tips for Tattooing, Picking Artist plus the Aftercare

Looking for great tips for tattooing? To get the most favorable result out of an inking process can be very taxing for anyone especially the beginner. Getting a tattoo is supposed to be an enjoyable process, provided if you know exactly what to do, and do every steps just right in the first place.

Below are 5 tips to help you get a symbol that you will love for the rest of your life.

1. Recognizing your real interests in life
Are you a biker, or maybe a dog lover? These types of questions may seem to have no connection with inking. But trust me! It is important to identify your interests so that you know exactly what design style to go with. Think about what are those things in life that interest you the most, or are important to you. No one has the exact same interest, not even a close sibling. Think long and hard as there must be some unique interests that influence you a lot in life.

Also, there is no boundary for what you should incorporate in the design. Many people include a culmination of all the important events in life plus the special interests to make the work of art truly meaningful and unique.

2. Making decision on design
When you have made clear of those things to be included in the artwork, the next step is to review as many professional galleries as you can to locate the best artwork that you can find. If you have a very creative idea, you can still search for a basic design and make necessary alteration, or talk to an artist to give it a final touch.

3. Searching for a good tattoo parlor and the most experience artist
The following tips should guide you through the process of finding the best facility for your inking. Take these things into considerations:

  • You’re comfortable with the artist
  • The working area is clean
  • The artist welcomes any suggestion and negotiation on design. He or she should not drive you to accept a more simple design than you wish
  • The artist has a good reputation with a portfolio of previous work done
  • There are positive references from friends regarding the parlor and artist.

A professional and talented tattooist should follow your requirements and wishes, and they will not try to talk you into accepting any more basic design and style. This only happens when they are lacking of confidence and skills in your proposed design.

4. Price is not the core factor to determine what to get
In general, people who charge a cheaper fee will not usually give you the best work. This maybe the time you need to worry less about money as you are talking about getting a tattoo that will stay with you for a lifetime.  So, make sure you are getting the very best.

Inking itself is a big investment, but unfortunately many people put too much weight on deciding where to get an inking with lower cost than worrying the quality of the product itself. Keep in mind that a more experienced artist has a valid reason to charge a higher fee.

5. Tattoo aftercare is important
There are some procedures you need to follow to make sure your piece is being taken care off properly. While you can’t wait to show your new symbol you’re truly proud off to anyone, make sure you look after it by keeping the dressing on for 1 to 2 hrs. In case the artist doesn’t apply the dressing for you, don’t be afraid to ask him or her to do so. It will definitely help on the healing and sealing up of the pigments in the skin.

If a scab develops over the tattoo, don’t be tempted to pick it away. It will fall off naturally in the next few weeks. Also, some pigmentation may fall off more quickly than the others, and this is completed normal.

Try to read more tips for tattooing from the internet for what to expect during and after the inking. Knowing what to anticipate can avoid unnecessary worry.

Cool Tattoo Designs that you won’t Regret!

Deciding to have your first inking done can be a big thing that requires a lot of thoughts. Once that decision is made, the next step is to pick an amazing work of art. In fact, it will be a fun and enjoyable process if you know exactly where to get those remarkable and cool tattoo designs. Again, decision is needed for a design choice.  In any case, things should not be taken very lightly because you are dealing with a permanent symbol that is going to place on your skin forever.

Besides being a beauty mark, tattoo carries significance to the bearer who wants to wear it. So, you don’t usually look at someone else’s symbol and just say, “I also want to have one of those.” If you sport one that has specific meaning, it can make your inking process worth a lot more. It is not uncommon to hear people saying that they regret their symbols and want to get rid of them. This can definitely be prevented if you spend enough time and energy reviewing plenty of designs before reaching a decision to permanently place it on your skin.

Some of the good ways to acquire remarkable symbols are to review picture albums in the parlors, check out tattoo magazines, visit local art galleries and delve into the resource of the internet. In my opinion, the best resource available is still to sign up one of those online professional galleries on the internet. Usually you will have thousands of high-quality artworks in a variety of categories and styles to choose from. You can download and print out any of those artworks that amaze you together with the stencils so that the artist can duplicate the artwork without much difficulty.

Selecting a tattoo is probably one of those important choices that you will have to make in life. Whatever emblem that you pick, it will have a permanent impact on your remaining life. Seeing enough quality work of arts, choosing a meaningful category and making the right design choice are all you need to do to prevent you from regretting it later.

The Guarantee from Tattoo Studios

A lot of people are not really sure about what they can do if the inking turned out not meeting their expectation. Unfortunately, tattoo is a permanent marking, and it is meant for its bearer to keep for the rest of their life. So, what would you do if this happens to you?

Do you just have to live with the symbol and feel disappointment? Should you ask the artist to give a full refund? Or, are you going to tweak the design and turn it into another remarkable work of art?

Perhaps you should know that different tattoo parlors have different policies, and that determines the choices you are going to have when things don’t work out right. This may be an important consideration although no one really likes to get in to it.

The most reputable studios in the industry are known to provide guarantee to their works. But, it is good that you find out from the artist to make sure you are totally protected by the policy in the way you want it before having your body inked. And, be aware that the guarantees may change at times.

Quite often the types of assurance you will get includes modifying the tattoo that you are not happy with without paying extra. So, if you find that the work doesn’t meet your expectation, you can demand the artist to patch it up for free. In some other parlors, you can also ask for a full refund if the creation is really less than your expected quality.

So, what kind of guarantee is important, or better? Well, it depends on the individuals. Do you just want to have a refund and walk away with a less than desirable symbol, or do you want the artwork to be fixed? Another consideration is that do you want the same artist who has churned out a disappointed tattoo to continue working on it further?

Whatever it is, having some form of guarantee is definitely better as this is to make sure you won’t lose too much if you really don’t like the work.  Therefore, it may be worth to spend a little more money to have a skillful and reputable artist to work on your body. It can definitely help to avoid this type of trouble as well as your long term regret!

Where to Place a Tattoo?

A lot of people are wondering if they should first select a right body spot to ink, or pick an amazing work of art. For me, I will always decide a perfect location to sport a tattoo before I proceed to shop for any great designs. In the end, what’s the point of selecting an angel wings artwork if you just want to wear a tattoo on your ankle, right?

But, there are also many things to think about when you are trying to decide where to locate the symbol. Below are two of the few factors that may be important to consider before making up your mind.

1. Professionalism
Do you need to cover up the design from time to time such as when you are at work or in school? Some people need to hide away their designs because it is not going to look professional to have an artwork place on their collar, or on the cheek. So, you probably need to avoid places that are too exposed. Some good locations are the back, chest, shoulders, stomach, and thigh which can easily be covered up with the right clothing.

2. Pain Factor
I’m sure you are aware that certain location of the body will hurt more than the other. Nevertheless, individuals do have different threshold of pain, but quite often the pain factor will not be the main reason in determining where to place a design on the body. For man, it may be less painful to ink on the arms, back and buttocks whereas for women it will be the thighs, shoulders, abdomen and buttocks.

By keeping these two factors in mind, take a step back and think about how you want to proceed from here. Delve into the resource of the internet to review images sported on different parts of the body and decide which area you would like to wear one. If you have some design in mind, you can put that into consideration too. Once you have made up your mind, adjourn to your favorite parlor to get one done.