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Ladybird Tattoo Designs: Symbols of Good Luck & Wishes

Lady Beetles, or Ladybird Beetles, are admired by humankind all over the world. There are around 5,000 species worldwide with 400 of them living in North America. The beetles can carry up to 20 spots across their dome-shaped back, and with a variety of colors that includes orange, red, pink, yellow and black. You can also find the beetles with stripe patterns, and without any spot.

During medieval times in Europe, crops were destroyed by insects. The Catholic farmers prayed to seek help from Virgin Mary. The beetles soon appeared and killed all the destructive aphids. The red wings shield represents Virgin’s protection.

In most cultures, ladybird tattoo designs bring good luck and best wishes especially when you’re in search of true love. When a ladybug lands in your home, count the number of spots it carries. The more spots it has will bring more good fortune and happiness to you. In England and France, the luck bug is also believed to bring good weather by the farmer community. When a luck bug lands on a sick person, the illness will be taken away. If it lands on a woman just got married, the number of spots on its body will represents the number of children she will have. You will soon get a new piece of clothing when a ladybird lands on your cloth.

The popular ladybird tattoo designs are the red dome with few black spots. You could ink just one ladybird, a few of them in random positions, or a row of them following each other. Some people may choose to ink red beetles on the legs, behind the ears, back of neck, shoulders, and arms. You can also consider an armband design with a row of ladybirds.

Ladybird designs are well-come in terms of their symbolic meanings and aesthetic beauty. See remarkable work of arts in a pro gallery.