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Lion Tattoos Express Your Strong Desire to Power

Being the king of the jungle, lion is well known as an aggressive and ferocious animal with great strength. Therefore, the most common representation of lion symbol is power and pride. The symbol expresses your strong will to power and desire to succeed, and it helps to boost your morale during difficult time.

There are a few options in designing your lion tattoo. The animal can be in alert state, or attacking posture signifying a person’s ability to protect himself or herself over an undesirable situation or tough time. Alternately, you can choose a lion that sits tall, but calmly, representing that you’re putting things right and under proper control. You can pick just a lion head tattoo or an artwork with the entire body.

The feline animal is also associated with the zodiac sign, Leo. Those who were born between Jul-23 to Aug-22 may consider inking a Leo symbol. Tribal lion tattoos are often the popular design style which appears in black, blue and orange colors.

The most popular body spot for such emblem is the upper arm. If you’re going for a large design, you can consider having the animal covering the whole full back or upper back. There are also people wearing lion designs on their legs, stomach and shoulder.