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Unique Lizard Designs – Tribal Gecko Tattoos

Gecko is the most popular type of lizard use in tattoo artworks.  In fact, those lizards often found in indoor buildings at tropical regions are coming from the same species. This slimy creature has the ability to change its skin color to match with the surrounding, grip on any surface, generate clicking noise to attract other geckos, and break its tail when confronts with danger.

Many men and women fancy the uniqueness of lizard tattoo designs just like those who like to keep lizards, or iguanas as pets. The works of arts carry a wide variety of symbolism in different cultures. The Greeks and Egyptians relate lizards with good luck and divine wisdom. In Native American mythology, gecko tattoos are linked to the dreams. The Polynesians and Maoris revere lizards as god while the little reptile is attributed as devil in early Christianity. As lizard will hibernate during winter, it symbolizes both death and rebirth-regeneration to the Romans.

The motifs usually appear in the form of cartoon, and the designs can be both large and small. The common geckos are in green color with mixture of blue and yellow patches on their legs, tails and eyes. You can also be very creative with the colors by adding red, purple and pink to the motifs. Gecko tattoos are usually combined with flames, flowers, or they can be a pair of them chasing on each other. Some people like their emblems in tribal style with simple or intricate lines and curves. Lizard tribal tattoos are usually made with black color lines that spiral in to many branches.

There are many celebrities who are wearing lizard tattoo designs. Some of them are Joe Elliot of Def Leppard, David Bowie, Nicholas Cage and Alissa York. The popular locations to ink lizard tattoos are the upper arm, chest, upper back, lower front and foot.


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