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Sun and Moon Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings

Both the sun and the moon cultivate lives on earth in different ways. The sun is the main energy source to all living things while the moon creates tides, holds the earth in axis, and lights up the night. There may not be any better symbol than the sun and moon tattoo designs to signify the cycles and duality of the natural world.

The two sides of the nature can mean the male and female, dark and light, cold and hot — as a manifestation of the Ying and Yang.

Moon symbol is often used to promote the soft side of the females while the sun represents the masculinity. Moon emblem is a good pick for women who take pride in their motherhood.

The designs can appear in many forms, for examples, the harvest , blue and crescent moon. Personally I would prefer a crescent design if combining it with a fairy, cloud, or flower.

You can also blend a harvest design with the sun creating a balance in duality.

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