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Black Panther Tattoos – a Guardian Symbol

Panther always strikes fear on people who look at it. While the large cat is ferocious, there are many positive meanings that are associated with it. Like any other feline species such as jaguar, cougar or leopard, it signifies power and aggressiveness. It is a symbol of courage and ferocity.

The feline animals have over 500 voluntary muscles that attached directly to their bones, and this makes them so flexible in movement. People who own panther tattoos reflect their capacity and flexibility in doing multiple tasks. The large cat is a solitary hunter within its own defined territory. It represents those individuals who prefer to be loners and live a life by themselves.

Among all the species, Black Panther is the most mystical one which carries lunar significance.  It is often linked to femininity, and the feminine energies such as old wise woman, mother, seductress, virgin, etc. that manifest upon the earth. The feline animal also represents the darkness of the moon as well as the life and power after sunset. Traditionally it is a totem of the night, death and reborn, and it exposes human’s fear of darkness and death. It is the panther that teaches us the inherent forces of darkness and death, and helps us understand how to eliminate these fears and use the powers.

The tattoo will always bring protecting energy to those who bears it. In Christianity, the symbol has been attributed to Jesus because of the representation of reborn after death, and because of a period of suffering. It is often used to signify that a long outstanding issue has been rectified, and that in the healing process, the individual is now regaining the lost power during the time of hardship.

In Native American’s mythology, the black cat possessed a great power and magic. While the animal can run fast, climb and swim well, it is a master in all dimensions even greater than the tiger. It is a guardian of the universe.

Black Panther tattoos are quite commonly seen these days, and the popular body spots for the works of arts are the upper arm, back of neck, shoulder, chest, stomach, leg, and upper back. Here are a few design ideas.