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Snake Tattoos, The Positives & Negatives Symbolism

Snake appears in many Eastern and Western cultures. Some people look at snake tattoos as serpentine representations while others interpret the designs in a more positive way.

Meanings of the Symbol
In most traditions it is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.  As the reptile sheds and replaces its skin from time to time, the process resembles and symbolizes rebirth and regeneration.

The Chinese associates the year with animals, and snake is one of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac calendar. People who were born in the particular year tend to be gentle, calm, sympathetic, but stingy, egocentric, slothful, and vain. They enjoy abundance of wealth and possess good wisdom and determination. Some of them choose to ink snake tattoo designs on the body to represent their zodiac animal and the unique behaviors.

In Christianity, the reptile has a notorious appearance. It is the servant of Satan, and it carries a symbolic meaning of darkness, evil and temptation.   In Greek culture, the emblem is the moon goddess. To the Native American, snake tattoos are sacred symbols of masculinity or sexual potency, power and life force. Nevertheless the meanings can change significantly between the clans. In other cultures, it can also be a feminine symbol.

Where to place the tattoo
The tattoo designs are flexible and usually designed to wrap around a body part such as the arm or leg. You can also place the emblem on your arm, lower back, upper back, and shoulder.

Variations of motifs
The tattoos are often filled with a variety of colors and added with a lot of creativity in designing the eyes, scales, teeth and the head. You can pick a king cobra, a python, or a rattlesnake, but other species are also popular for inking.

Here are some ideas you can consider.

  1. A long reptile that wraps around a body part.
  2. A solitary snake in an attacking pose.
  3. A snake that wraps around and protects its own eggs.
  4. A design interweaves with other elements such as a skull, dragon, dagger, cross, etc.
  5. An emblem of the Chinese zodiac sign (for those who are born in Yr 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 2001).
  6. A pair of them encircles a Yin-Yang symbol.

A good practice is to always see enough quality works before inking. This is to ensure you don’t regret your design later. Check out the amazing designs in a professional gallery.