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Spider Web Tattoo – The Meanings Behind

Although spider web tattoo is associated with dream catcher in some traditions, over the years it has been more well-known for its unfavorable quality and representation. Sporting a cobweb pattern, however, can be just for body embellishment and for fashion without any special meaning to the wearer. The symbol is only important to those in the prisons, and to the outside world there is no real significance. The net emblem is mostly seen on a male body rather than on a female’s. But, there is always an exception.

Traditionally the symbol represents two things. First, it is a prison symbol, and it indicates that a person has committed a crime and served a sentence in the prison. This is because the net design has created a feeling of being captured, or a person is trapped in a situation or somewhere. Second, it is really a myth with no supporting fact that the bearer has hate, killed, or hit a minority to get his voice across, or to against someone of a different race.

The rings in the symbol represent the number of people they have killed (hit), or the number of years they were locked up in prison. In fact, each elbow represents 5 years in prison. Although with all the negative representations, to the trendy folks the design means nothing but just a unique style. It can also be what you really want it to represent.

The tattoo is often found on the elbows, knees or neck, but it is not unusual to ink on other parts of the body. Where you place the artwork doesn’t really mean anything.  Some gang members often pick web design to underscold their toughness.

A colored cobweb tattoo is very rare, and almost all of them that are found in the joints are made out of black or blue ink. If you really opt for this type of design, it is important that you understand what you want the tattoo to depict for you. Try to check out as many designs as possible as the work of art can be very creative especially when it is intended to be a form of fashion for you.

The Amazing Spider Tattoo

Spiders can be found everywhere around the world, and they often build home inside our house. Most of us know the creature for their expertise in weaving complicated webs that serve as their home as well as “weapons” to trap preys. They build webs in anywhere irrespective of the weather conditions, and they don’t really worry their hard work may be destroyed in just a few seconds by invaders. They will continue to redo it all over again in the same place. We learn a lesson about the choice they take with their undefeatable spirit in constructing the web. We should also weave our lives with the choice we have made.  “If at first you don’t success, try and try until you get it right.”

Spider tattoo is a very old symbol that signifies mystery, power and growth. In Native American’s folklore, the Spider Woman appeared before humanity, and later she taught the craftsmanship of weaving to human. The little creature is a protector of the bad storms and is often personified as Grandmother, and teacher of wisdom.   It is an emblem of harmony, balance and fertility. When dangling at the end of its thread, it brings down joy and happiness from heaven. Therefore, it is a symbol of good fortune.

In ancient Greece there lived a pretty maiden called Arachne.  Her weaving skill was so incredible until goddess Athena felt jealous. Athena made the maiden’s life so difficult and she passed on. The goddess felt so sorry and resurrected the maiden to become a Spider so that she could always make beautiful webs.

In Europe, the symbol carries a bad reputation since the days of the Plague because of the disease it has spread. The little fellow is a figure of loathing and fear. In many cultures, the emblem is notorious with a treacherous figure as it builds wed to kill innocent preys. Nevertheless, it has also gained popularity among prisoners and the works of art actually carry information on the duration of the sentence of inmates, including his or her crimes.

Today, some people ink spider tattoo for its aesthetic beauty. You can consider having a design on your hand, shoulder, neck, ankle, chest, or stomach. You can have a spider with web or without web. Try to see more designs in a professional gallery before you ink.